Isle of Mull Photo Diary


Last month I headed to one of my favourite places in the world, The Isle of Mull. We used to come here a lot when I was little and recently started going back. It’s somewhere where I feel really calm and I just love going to explore. Every time we go, I always find somewhere new to go. Plus it’s always a good holiday because the dog gets to come with us too!

Like last year, we stayed in Tobermory which is where one of my favourite kids TV shows was filmed, Balamory. I love how they still have all the coloured houses and it’s such a lovely little town. It’s also a really good base to go explore other areas of the island. One of my favourite places to go is to Calgary bay which has the most beautiful beach.

I thought I’d do a little photo diary because some of the views were absolutely gorgeous! Let me know if you want any more posts about Mull, but for now, here’s a little photo diary!


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