Edinburgh Fringe Festival

It’s become birthday tradition that on my birthday, my mum and I head up to Edinburgh for the start of Fringe Festival. Edinburgh is one of my absolute favourite cities and the festival has such an electric atmosphere about it. It’s honestly one of my favourite places to be in August and I’d love to be able to go for more than a day because there is so much to see!

This year was a tad different because mum has broken her leg meaning I had to push her around in a wheelchair. Let me tell you, that was an experience and a half! I knew Edinburgh was hilly but I hadn’t quite realised how much so. However, it did mean we took a few stops on our way up to the old town, including a really cute and perfectly instagrammable coffee shop called the MilkMan.

I always think you can judge a coffee shop on how good their decaf is and let me tell you, the decaf coffee was gorgeous. These scones were also so good and cam with homemade raspberry jam – what’s not to love!

We decided that instead of trying to cram in two or three shows, which we normally do, we would just go and see one in our favourite venues at Pleasance Courtyard. I love the atmosphere of Pleasance Courtyard – there are quite a few venues there and often there are some of the bigger names as well as up and coming comics. I’ve also seen some rally good plays here too.

Because we needed a venue which was disabled access, I went to the box office to get their help on what to see which was accessible. The staff were so helpful and helped us find a good show to watch. We ended up seeing The Best of Edinburgh Fringe Festival which consisted of 4 comics who had shows on at Fringe doing their highlights. It was a great way to get a flavour of the festival and was incredibly funny.

We then wandered around Edinburgh and ended up near Scottish Parliament which is an area which I’d never really explored. We went for a late lunch at Pizza Express because I had a birthday voucher for a free bottle of prosecco which is always good!

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and I love getting to explore it. There are so many beautiful shops, cafes and architecture and it just oozes creativity and everywhere looks so interesting. I can’t wait to head back when it’s not Fringe to explore the city more and hopefully go on  the Harry Potter tour where you can see JK Rowlings inspirations and where she wrote some of the books.

You can read last years Edinburgh Fringe Festival post where I raved about PotterVision which is back AGAIN! I was gutted I wasn’t able to get over there in time to see it but if you’re heading to the festival, you should definitely check it out


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