World Ostomy Day 2018 | The importance of speaking out about ostomies

World Ostomy Day 2018
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World Ostomy Day is THIS SATURDAY and I cannot believe that it’s my 4th ostomy day with a stoma! This year’s theme is Speak Out About Ostomy with the focus being on speaking out about products and services used! So, happy world ostomy day everyone! 

Why it’s important to speak out about your stoma

I am such an advocate for people speaking about their health conditions, especially stomas! The main reason is I think it is so important is that it’s amazing to see other normal people LIVING with their condition. 

Before I went online to learn about stomas (the night before my ostomy surgery) the only images I’d seen were either cartoons or older people over 50.

I didn’t see anyone who looked like me, which was quite isolating. Especially when you’re a young person living with a chronic illness, sometimes it feels like everyone around you is soooooo much healthier than you. 

Once I went online, I saw young people absolutely owning their bodies and living their lives. I saw people talking candidly about the ups and downs of living with a stoma and I suddenly found a whole community who were advocating, offering advice and supporting one another. 

Some blogs which really helped me with my initial surgery were Hattie Gladwell, Thalia Skye, Sam Cleasby and VeganOstomy

World Ostomy Day 2018
Stoma Bag picture

Ostomy products and services I live by

I thought that seeing as this years theme is all about speaking out about living with a stoma, I should share some of the products, services and tips which I live by. These are things which have really helped me over the past 4 years and, hopefully, will continue to help me! 

SecuriCare home delivery service

SecuriCare have been with me since the start of my ostomy journey and I will forever be grateful to them. Their stoma nurses have helped me adjust to life with a stoma and continue to support me. Their home delivery service has also been outstanding. They’re friendly, approachable and make ordering my bags SO easy. 

Comfizz support wear

Comfizz have some amazing support garments. From underwear to long vest tops to support belts which are great for exercise. I’ve been a big fan of Comfizz for a few years, they’re tops especially are my favourite to wear. 

Coloplast SenSura Mio convex bags

I’ve recently changed my coloplast bags to the SenSura Mio bags (which are available for delivery with SecuriCare) and I wish I’d done it sooner! Some of the things I love about this bag:

  • the filter seems to work better and I don’t get blow ups quite as much
  • I like that it isn’t flesh colour. Unlike ‘flesh’ colour, the bag doesn’t seem to change colour the longer you leave it! 
  • It sticks to your skin really well; it just moulds to your skin a lot better than a few of the other bags from Coloplast I’ve tried. 

Those are just some of the products and services which have helped me. Let me know in the comments what products you live by – I’m always on the hunt to make life with an ostomy even a little bit easier! 

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