How to be an active ostomate in winter

how to be an active ostomate
#ActiveOstomates | Running on a path with trees and river behind

January is the time we all seem to set ourselves goals and targets of ‘getting fit’. I don’t know about you but the thought of going outside and exercising when it’s so cold fills me with dread and I’d much rather hide out under my duvet watching Netflix.

However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. If you find the right kind of exercise, you may even start looking forward to your workout.

SecuriCare have teamed up with Colostomy UK to help show ostomates that we can still be active, even with a stoma. Colostomy UK actually have a Rugby League team which proves that any type of exercise is achievable!

Prior to being ill, I was always exercising either at dance classes or playing netball and hockey. Even now, I still go to dance classes and go to a class (which I’m currently running!) called ballet fit. The gym for me is a no go – I find it boring and end up leaving pretty quickly. For me, I thrive in classes – probably because of the social element!

Top tips for being an active ostomate in winter

how to be an active ostomate

If you’re struggling with the cold weather, my first tip is to find an indoor class. I think classes are a great way to get into exercise because you can meet new people as well as exercise. Being around people really motivates me and keeps me going too! It’s a good thing to do if you’re new to exercise too as you can make sure you’re doing things right.

If you’re looking for classes, check your local gyms, community centres and village halls! There may even be some things your stoma nurses can recommend too. Just remember to tell the teacher/person running the class about your stoma so they’re aware and can maybe adapt certain elements.

Whether you’re exercising indoors or braving the elements, make sure you’re wearing the right kind of clothes which support your stoma. Finding the right clothes which will help support your stoma and abdomen is SO important. I’m such a fan of the Comfizz support tops which I use all the time when I’m exercising. They work really well as they’re tight on your stomach without feeling like you’re squashing your stoma. I feel much more supported and more comfortable exercising when I’m wearing them and recommend them to everyone I know!

There are so many different ways to be active so find something which works for you. You may be the type of person who LOVES the gym, maybe you’re a runner and the weekly free Park Run is your jam. Are you someone who likes to slow it down a bit? Yoga or pilates could be for you or maybe some lanes at the swimming pool is more for you. Being part of a team is another great way to exercise – you could look into the Colostomy UK Rugby team or see what team sports are near you.

My point is there are so many different types of exercise and it isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. Don’t be scared to try new things if something just isn’t working for you.

how to be an active ostomate

Having a stoma doesn’t have to be a barrier for doing things. Yes, you may have to find a different way but that’s sometimes the fun of it!

Comment below with your favourite form of exercise and how you try to be an active ostomate

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