Why I’m setting goals in 2019

New year goals when you have a chronic illness

First of all, Happy New Year gang! We’ve made it to 2019 and with that in mind, I wanted to talk about why setting goals is a great way to start your year off.

I know how cliche it is; the whole ‘new year new me’ thing. However, goals aren’t necessarily there to completely change who you are as a person. I always see goals as a way of setting out what I want to achieve. If I don’t manage it, that’s okay BUT I want to at least try.

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, sitting down and physically writing out what you want to achieve in the new year (I know, so old school!) is the start of actually achieving them.

New year goals when you have a chronic illness

Top tips for achieving your 2019 goals

Having a way of holding yourself accountable is essential if you’re wanting actually achieve your goals. Write them down. Tell a friend or family member. Whatever is the best way for you to feel like you have to do them.

Make sure your goals are achievable . By this, I mean that your goals are quantifiable. Rather than saying I want to read more this year set your goal as I want to read at least 1 book a month. If your goal is to get fit think about how you want to get fit; maybe it’s I’ll run 4 times a week or I’ll go to one class a week . By setting yourself an actual target, you have a way of measuring your progress rather than having a vague idea.

My final tip is don’t set a goal for the sake of setting a goal. Make sure it’s something you actually want to achieve rather than feeling that’s what you should do. Just because everyone else has fitness goals doesn’t mean you should. It doesn’t have to be some massive routine change, it could be something as simple as I’m going to make my bed every day.

New year goals when you have a chronic illness

My 2019 goals

Okay, so time to listen to my own advice and write down my goals for 2019. I actually write my goals at the beginning of my diary so I can always look at them; I have both my personal goals and my business goals. Today, I’m focussing on my personal goals and what I want to achieve in 2019.

Read one book a week

Go to at least one exercise class a week

Stretch daily

Host at least one charity fundraising event

Go on a solo trip

Pay off my debt

I’m feeling so motivated for 2019 already. 2018 was a strange year for me – I started it in a pretty bad place both mentally and physically (having a really diseased bit of bowel will do that to a person!) but I’ve grown a lot over the past year.

I’m feeling motivated to properly start my own business, grow my blog and Chronically Living and live my life!

Don’t forget to leave your own 2019 goals in the comments below and how you’re going to achieve them ✨

Katie May xo


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