Why finding the perfect work spot is so important

Having the perfect place to go and do work is so important whatever your job is whether it be a freelancer, blogger, student or if you work from home some days. Whilst I absolutely love my room at uni now I really struggle to do work there, especially essays and coursework. I end up talking to my flatmates too much and sitting in the kitchen doing nothing productive.  I always like to be in a nice environment when I do my blogging too – I always find myself more productive if where I am has a creative vibe.

I can’t work in the university library; I always feel like there’s too much pressure to actually do work so you end up not doing any and being paranoid that I’m being too noisy (even if I’m on my own! I worry I type too noisily!).

For me, I love being in coffee shops; whether it be Starbucks, Costa, Nero or cute little independent places. So long as they have wifi and don’t mid me sitting there for hours (drinking copious amounts of decaf coffee) then I’ll be there. My current favourite place to work is HOME in Manchester which is a theatre, cinema, cafe, restaurant place and I just love the atmosphere (plus it’s so instagrammable which is always a bonus).

Finding a place where you feel comfortable doing work and are productive is so important because it means you can enjoy what you’re doing and make it feel less like a chore, especially if you’re in a pretty place and have a good cup of coffee! It also means you can do your work more effectively and finish quicker and get on with what you actually want to do whether that be going shopping or watching another episode of the Gilmore Girls (I’m so hooked on this show!)

Sometimes the action of actually leaving the house, getting some fresh air and being in a clutter free, new environment can do you so much good, clear your head and help you be prepared for the next piece of work.

What do you look for in your work environment? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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