What to do after Graduation

It may be another year till I graduate but I’m already trying to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to do once these three (very quick years) come to an end. For some of you, you’ll be graduating and may or may not know what you’re doing so I thought I’d share with you some options which I’m aware of and considering once I’ve finished.

  • Doing a masters/post grad/professional course: There is always the option of staying at university and carrying on with your education either with the course you’re currently doing or something different. For me, I’m actually considering getting my professional qualification so I can practice as a solicitor so I’m thinking about the LPC. If you are interested in law but haven’t studied it, you can do the conversion course, GDL, where you do another two years! It’s meant to be really hard but if it’s anything like the LLB, which I do, it’s really interesting. I love learning so carrying on in education is definitely something I’m really interested in doing! 
  • Get a Job: Lets be honest, this is why we went to uni, to get access to graduate jobs (and to put off getting a job at 18, learn some new things and get to do some cool stuff!). Uploading your CV to recruitment agencies, such as Spotlight Recruitment, can really help you find jobs in the sector you want! If you are still at uni, it might be worth going to your careers hub and see if they offer any CV tips (I know that MMU do!) to help you enhance your CV and make you more desirable to recruiters
  • Go Travelling:  After 3 (or more) years of university, you might want a bit of a break so why not go travelling and see the world! I know a few people who have done this and they absolutely loved it! Even if you just go over the summer or work over the summer, save up some money then go! 
So there are some options of what you can do after graduation! Let me know in the comments of any other options (I’m sure there’s loads!) 
This is in collaboration with Spotlight Recruitment

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