Walking on the Wild Side with Woden

Before we get into this post, how cool are these trainers which the lovely people from Woden sent me? I’m definitely walking on the wild side with these bad boys

I feel like recently I’ve being feeling a lot more confident and a tiny bit more ‘out there’ with my fashion choices – I’ve not completely change my style but I’m definitely trying new cuts and more some different prints and colours. 

“Surround yourself with positive people who are going to push you towards greatness “

I feel like part of my confidence has definitely come from being surrounded by great people at uni and my willingness to try new outfits has definitely come from my flatmates (who are both fashion students which explains a lot!). I feel like this year I’m in a much more positive mind state and I really like it!

These shoes from Woden are up there with the best shoes I’ve ever had. I’m a self confessed trainer addict and these babies are something I wouldn’t normally wear but boy oh boy I’m so obsessed with wearing them! They’re super soft and even though they look like they should be pretty uncomfy because of the wooden look the inside have they feel so comfy. My favourite thing about these shoes though is how they jazz up any outfit!
Talk to you soon!
Katie May

These  trainers were a gift however all opinions are my own

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