THEATRE // The 39 Steps*

Last weekend I headed off to Theatre by the Lake in Keswick to see the opening of The 39 Steps, which is celebrating 100 years since the novel was written. This wasn’t a play I was familiar with and I hadn’t watched the film or read the book either so I was going in completely open minded and was really excited to see what the play would be like.

It’s fair to say I was laughing from start to finish, as was the rest of the audience, with perfectly timed comedy and innovative ways to show certain scenes such as the Fourth bridge and the escape from the steam train. The juxtaposition of the two “clown” characters and two “serious” characters added to the comedic element even more!

The clown characters, played by Patrick Bridgeman and Richard Earl work so well together and for me really made the play as even in their background moments, they were still very much in character and making me laugh. Their ability to change role and gender at the drop of a hat (literally) was amazing.

This is one of my favourite plays I’ve seen at Theatre by the Lake and I’m defiantly looking forward to this season of plays.

The 39 Steps runs until the 4th November and tickets are available at 


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