The Lancrigg, Grasmere

I’m a BIG advocate for Cumbrian food; the local produce is high quality and there are so many fantastic restaurants. The Lancrigg in Grasmere has just received it’s first AA rosette and I was lucky enough to try their award winning menu last week. 

We received such a warm welcome as we escaped the rain and entered the Lancrigg hotel and restaurant. It had such a homely and relaxed feel whilst still being sophisticated. All of the staff were friendly and had such a passion for the food that you couldn’t help but get excited for the meal ahead. 

We started with drinks in the poets bar, which I 100% will be visiting again because dogs are allowed in! And I know for sure Arthur would like a visit and to go on some of the walks around the Lancrigg. The bar had such a quirky feel about it and it was a lovely setting to choose are meals. 

The menu changes monthly and is based on the seasonal produce. The majority of the dishes were classic dishes which were alleviated – it took me and mum a while to choose because they all sounded delicious! 

Eating at The Lancrigg

To start with, I had the Sykes fell brulee – ewe’s cheese custard with walnut loaf which was actually recommended to me. I LOVE cheese so there was a good chance I was going to like it but wow, this is a dream starter! 

I was worried that it would be quite tart however it was really creamy and complimented the walnut loaf. It was accompanied with a caramelised onion relish which really added a punch to the meal. 

For my main, I opted for a classic salmon dish which came with potato galette and seasonal veg.

The seasonal veg were brussel sprouts (my fave), red cabbage, beetroot, kale and roasted parsnips and it was glorious! The salmon had a really crispy skin and was so full of flavour – I wish I was eating it now as I write this! 

Now, dessert is my favourite part of a meal and I ended up ordering the yule log trifle with chocolate custard, jelly and cherries. 

Now, I want to let you into a secret. I’m not a fan of trifle. The thought of a supermarket trifle makes me feel sick but I was sold on getting this when I was told it was more of a chocolate yule log (which, FYI, I love!). 

As soon as the dessert arrived, I knew I had made a good decision because it tasted AMAZING. If you’re a sweet tooth kind of gal, this is the dessert for you. 

The chocolate yule log was gorgeous and chocolatey. The cherry jelly was my favourite though, it was a really light flavour and worked perfectly with the chocolate. The dessert had a black forest gateau kind of flavour which was really alleviated by the cherries in kirsch which really packed a punch! 

I had such an amazing time at the Lancrigg. Everyone was so friendly, the calm atmosphere was 100% needed and the meal was quite possibly the best meal I’ve had. 

If you’re looking to have a special meal out, or for somewhere to stay on your trip to the Lakes, The Lancrigg is the perfect place. 

If you want to see what my mum chose to eat and thought of the meal, click here!

This was a complimentary visit 


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