The BEST high street setting spray

NYX seems to be every bloggers favourite high street brand at the moment, and quite rightly too. I’m a huge fan but I feel like everyone obsesses over the lip products and has completely overlooked what is almost definitely my favourite product from the brand; the matt finish setting spray.
The spray is really light weight on the skin and feels nice on your skin and, the best bit is that it actually works and keeps you’re make up set!

I always use this if I’m at work and after eight hours waitressing, my make up looks just as good as when I’ve put it on that morning.

I chose to get the matt finish mainly because I don’t want anything which will make my face look shiny however I don’t think it’s overly matt, which I think I prefer anyways! I do find that sometimes I put a bit too much on and I look quite…dewy (if that makes sense!) and sometimes my mascara ends up under my eyes straight afterwards but I think that’s more my fault rather than the product!

I’m yet to try the Urban Decay setting spray, but if you’re looking for a cheap alternative which sets your make up, then definitely give this a try – it’s only £7.00 so it’s a good cheap alternative!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried the setting spray and what you think of it!


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