The Beginner’s Guide to Having a Stoma | Introduction

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is daunting. Trying to learn things and know the best way to do things can be overwhelming and you never know where to start. I remember when I first got my stoma, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I read so much on different websites and heard so much in different forums, I wasn’t sure where to start. Some of my most popular posts are my ostomy tips and tricks posts so I thought I would collate them into a new series; The Beginners Guide to Having A Stoma. 

What is ‘The Beginners Guide to Having A Stoma?”

The beginners guide to having a stoma is just that! A weekly guide which will go through different aspects of life with a stoma with relevant tips and tricks to make it easier. I’m using real life experience mixed with advice I’ve been given along the way to help navigate the first few months of having a stoma!

When I was in hospital for my second surgery, I was on a ward with new ostomates who felt like there lives were over because of their stoma. Part of what I want you to take away from this series is that your ostomy has given you more control of your life and once you learn how to manage it, the world is your oyster. 

So often in the media and in life, having a stoma or ‘colostomy bag’ (side note, we don’t all have colostomys!) is portrayed very negatively. These negative connotations can make it even more difficult for you to come to terms with and for friends and family to understand.

This is where the idea of The Beginner’s Guide to Having A Stoma came from. I want to be able to give fellow ostomates practical advice which I’ve learnt from first hand experience to make the first few months with having a stoma a little bit easier.

How can I get involved

The Beginner’s Guide is going to be a weekly series, each week covering a different aspect of life with an ostomy. The first two weeks are regarding pre op and post op and then we’ll be covering everything from sleeping to showering to getting used to eating with a stoma and exercising. I have lots of topics already written up but I want this to be practical and useful for you so if you have any topics you want covering, you can comment below or email me any suggestions!

So there you have it! Welcome to the beginner’s guide to having a stoma! Next weeks post will be all about what to expect pre op including the night before surgery.

What do you want to see from this series? Let me know of any topics you want covering! 


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