My Summer Skincare & Tan routine

Believe it or not, it’s actually summer. I know the UK is feeling very cold after our little heatwave but I thought I would share with you my summer skincare and tanning routine. Fake tan is one of my summer staples and I feel much more myself when I have a tan. Sadly it isn’t possible to spend all day every day in the sun to achieve that Love Island style tan, especially when you live in the UK! Hopefully you will find this post useful for achieving the perfect fake tan routine and prep your skin so you’re ready for the beach (or to watch films all weekend at home)

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Whether you’re fake tanning or not, exfoliating your skin is essential to achieving super smooth skin. I normally use exfoliating gloves but if you find that it’s too harsh for your skin, the body shop have a great gentle exfoliator from their honey and almond range. As well as exfoliating, it moisturises and leaves your skin feeling gorgeous. If you’re fake tanning, this is an essential step as it will remove your old tan if you’re topping up and make it last longer.

Lets Talk Hair Removal

Once you’re out of the shower, my  go to shaver for under arms and bikini line is the new Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler. It’s so good at getting a really close shave and makes getting those smaller hairs which are so hard to get easier. It’s design also means you don’t cut yourself which is always a bonus! For the rest of my legs, I use the Braun wet & dry epilator but I often use the shave head because I still find the epilator painful. If you are using the epilator head, don’t moisturise or fake fan straight away as it leaves the pores open and can leave you with blotchy legs for a few hours!

Let’s Get Moisturising

The key to having super soft skin is defiantly moisturising. I’m not going to lie, I sometimes can’t be bothered to do this but when I do, my skin always feels so nice afterwards. One of my go to moisturisers is the Palmers Cocoa Butter; not only does it smell amazing but it works wonders. When I’d been on high doses of steroids, my skin always felt dry and horrible but this stuff really did help. If you’re on holiday and wanting to keep your tan for as long as possible, then make sure you moisturise daily as it really does help. Often, I’ll pick up an aloe vera or olive moisturiser when I get there as it means there’s more space it your case and it’s normally quite cheap.

Tanning Time Baby

As much as I love fake tan, it also terrifies me. I always worry about it going wrong and me ending up looking like an patchy orange mess. However, touch wood, this hasn’t really ever happened. If, like me, your scared and wanting to ease yourself back into tanning I really recommend the Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk. It leaves a lovely glow and is so easy to put on. My favourite tan at the moment is the L’Oreal overnight elixir. I’m not going to lie, as it was developing I got really worried about how dark it was going. However it left a really gorgeous colour. I haven’t had any problems with patchiness and it wore off really evenly. I was also impressed because it didn’t seem to have that strong fake tan smell, it actually smelt really nice!

I hope that you’ve found this post useful! Don’t forget to leave your tanning and summer skin tips and recommendations in the comments below!


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