Sephora Haul

Sephora; the holy grail of make up shops! I genuinely stopped in my tracks when I saw it whilst we were in Palma because I didn’t expect to see it and I got so excited and a tad overwhelmed. I kicked myself when I realised I didn’t have my Sephora list with me and when I went in, I had no clue where to turn to and what to put in my basket. Never fear though, I found a few things I wanted and I’m so happy with my purchases!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick 

As soon as I saw Sephora, I knew I had to get one of the liquid lipsticks. The hype is definitly worth it and I absolutely adore the shade and the effect when it’s on! I found it really easy to apply too and a really good consistency; not too thick and it doesn’t have that stickiness which other liquid lipsticks and lip glosses often have. 

Sephora Eyeshadow Crayons

I love eyeshadow crayons. They’re great for travelling, stay clean, and last for ages. I picked up a light shimmer and a matt brown and they compliment each other really well. They’re not the easiest to blend but once you do, it looks really good! 

Tony Moly Sheet Masks

I’m yet to try these masks but I’ve heard great things! I couldn’t find any of the Sephora own brand ones which I wanted but I saw these and thought why not. Once I’ve tried them, I’ll let you know what they’re like! 
So that’s what I got in Sephora! Leave a comment below with what’s on your Sephora wish list and what I need to get next time I go!

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