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My lovely friend Lauren treated me to a trip to the theatre last night as a thank you for covering a shift at work so we headed to see Red Riding Hood and the Wolf at HOME. Readers of the blog will know that I spend a lot of time at HOME¬†however I have never been to the actual theatre. I’ve wanted to for a long time so when Lauren said to pick a play, I couldn’t say no!

We decided to go see Red Riding Hood & the Wolf mainly because we both thought the trailer for the play looked amazing and we were both intrigued as to what the play entailed.

The Plot

The plot of the story is brilliant. It’s the story of Little Red Riding Hood told from the point of view of the wolf. You hear his back story and how Red Riding Hood manipulated the situation to make the wolf look like the baddie. It’s a classic tale of not judging a book by it’s cover which has been told in a really unique way.

The Staging

The staging of this play is the real showstopper. It is a one act, one scene, one woman play. However, there are multiple characters which are portrayed in a puppet style form. The woman, who plays a little girl, tells the story and is the narrator. The wolf is an amazing puppet which is the girls toy and the rest of the characters are made from things found in her bedroom. The most ingenious characters created has to be Red Riding Hood’s mum and the hunter – you can’t see how regular things, such as a mop and a toy kettle can make an actual human looking person. The lighting was its own character; making regular items such as hockey sticks look like trees and the use of shadow puppets. It’s amazing how much the lighting created that storybook feel.

My Thoughts

Whilst the play is made for children, it is enjoyable for everyone. There were people of all ages in the audience, which is lovely to see, and you could see the enjoyment on everyone’s face. I think its great that there are performances which encourage you people to get into the arts and start asking questions – you could hear children asking what words meant sometimes and then them talking so much as we left. It was so lovely to hear the enjoyment in their voices.

Charlotte Croft, the actress who plays the narrator, was absolutely fantastic. There were a lot of young children in the audience and she worked so well with them throughout the performance. She played the role of narrator incredibly well and made the voice and attributes of each character really distinctive so you could easily follow the storyline.

I found it really interesting to see the story from a different point of view. It makes you think of how you view people and really shows that there is more than one side to a story. Whilst there was this underlying current of inclusivity and non judgment, there were moments of hilarity as well as some more heartfelt moments.

A really clever aspect of the storyline is how a lot of the lines rhyme. It’s very clever and led to another layer for adults watching as well which left me chuckling a few times. It was also quite fun to try and guess how sentences were going to end!


A mahoosive thank you to Lauren for taking me to see this!

Don’t forget to check out her fab new blog too because she’s brill


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