Pizza Express’s Summer Menu

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Pizza Express. It’s my go to chain restaurant and I’ve loved their food since I was little. I got quite a bit excited when I saw there summer menu and now that I’ve tried a fair few things off it, I thought I’d share with you all my thoughts on the menu! 

So, the new drink on the menu is the watermelon chill which is a beautiful blend of watermelon and mint and it is so so refreshing. I don’t like eating fruit but I do like the flavours of fruit and this is so fruity and beautiful. Seriously, if you like watermelon, you’ll like this. It’s a new favourite which I’ll be sad to see go at the end of summer because this is summer in a drink. 
I’ve had the Risotto Fresco as both a starter and a main and both times I’ve been amazed with how good this tasted. Its lovely and fresh and filled with fresh tomatoes and lots of salmon; I was so surprised at how much salmon there was! It’s great. There’s a smoky undertone to the freshness which compliment each other really well. I really recommend this, especially if you’re not feeling like pizza!

The final thing I’ve had off the menu is the Hawaiian Pizza Express which is their take on a ham and pineapple pizza and let me tell you, this is no ordinary ham and pineapple pizza! The ham is prosciutto which is my absolute favourite and the pineapple isn’t in chunks, which is great for ostomates because there’s less chance of a blockage. The pineapple is actually a chutney and is complimented by what seems to be a chilli oil which adds an undertone of heat and spice which was really welcomed. Don’t worry though, it’s not too spicy! I have to say, I think this is my favourite pizza they do at the moment! 
So that’s what I thought of the Pizza Express summer menu. Let me know what you’ve tried on the menu and what your go to things are! 

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