Hello there Chums! 

I'm Katie, I'm 19 years old and I'm from the UK. 

I started KTMY to share my thoughts, feelings and favourite things; thats why there's such a mash up of different things here! Until April 2015, this blog was purely a lifestyle blog however after having emergency surgery , I also started blogging about Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Ileostomies

By day, I'm a Law student in Manchester, a Christmas fanatic, a Netflix addict, a dog lover and a food enthusiast to name a few and I created KTMY as a creative outlet and somewhere where I could write about things I enjoy the way I want to, instead of writing essays all the time!

So, what is KTMY??

KTMY is a place where you can see my love of beauty, fashion, books, music, film, tv...just life in general! I also use this blog as a platform to raise awareness about inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and stomas by sharing my experiences to help others with the illness. 

If you're wondering when you can find new posts here, I try to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday however sometimes uni work gets in the way (especially around coursework/exam season) 

Want to get in touch? 

KTMY is a a PR friendly blog so for all media and PR enquiries, you can email me at katie.ches1@gmail.com. All my social media links are in the sidebar or can be found on my contact page

I hope you all enjoy reading KTMY and feel free to drop me an email or a tweet to let me know

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  1. Absolutely loving the blog Katie, and we share a last name! Immy x



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