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It feels like spring is actually here, although knowing the British weather by the time you’re reading this it’ll be snowing (I really hope this isn’t true).

However, whilst the sun is out, you get bet I’m going to take full advantage of being able to wear more summery clothes.

I’m one of those people who lives in jeans. Yes, I even wear them when I’m sitting in the house. I know, shock horror (please don’t think any less of me!). However, I am trying to venture into different bottoms for a few reasons;

a) they’re not always the most practical

b) they can be tight on my stoma sometimes which in turn makes them a bit uncomfortable

This is where the Better Days Lace Up Trousers from Tobi come in. They’re like a jogging bottom style material and so so comfy. I love the lace up detail on the front; it makes them feel a bit smarter and looks great with a cropped top! The trousers work really well with a stoma because of the laced front; you can have them as tight or as loose as you want and they don’t restrict the bag at all. 

Wearing cropped tops when you have a stoma can be scary. I know I never thought I would however recently I’ve been going for more cropped tops and jumpers. These £5.99 tops from Zara are my absolute faves; they’re soft and so easy to wear.

How to gain confidence wearing a cropped top with a stoma

Once you’ve had your stoma a while, you get used to when it needs emptying before it completely balloons on you. I’ve also started to realised that even when it balloons a bit, it’s not that noticeable to other people.

 Yes, full on blown up bag is but day to day when it’s filled up a little bit, it really isn’t. Once I came to terms with this, I suddenly found myself not trying to cover the bag quite as much.

If you find yourself wanting to wear more cropped items but worried about your bag, I really recommend the Comfizz waistbands. They really gave me the confidence to not hide the bag!

I also recommend having a scarf or jacket with you; if you’re worrying about a bag blow up you can just pop a jacket or scarf on and it hides it a bit til you can get to a toilet! Simple!

Leave your ostomy tips in the comments below!

some items in this post have been gifted


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