Ostomy Outfit | 004

I can’t believe how lush the weather is at the moment, I always feel infinitely happier and more me when the suns out. I thought for the fourth instalment of the Ostomy Outfit series, we’d have a focus on dressing for warmer weather and finding the right skirt.

Be Basic

Basic tops are my new favourite thing. I picked this striped racer style top from New Look in two different colours and it is so comfy! It’s a really simple style of it as it goes with most types of bottoms (I’ve worn it with a mix of jeans, shorts and skirts!). I definitely feel like this top has a hint of 90’s nostalgia & some Monica vibes which I’m really loving.

Wearing a skirt when you have a stoma

Since having my surgery, three years ago, one item of clothing I’ve really struggled to feel comfortable in is a skirt. I always feel like they bulge around the bag area and just don’t sit right.

Pre surgery, I loved denim skirts but honestly, finding an a line denim skirt which didn’t bulge around the bag seemed almost impossible. If I got a size bigger than my actual size, it was too big around the waist and if I got my actual size it felt a bit too tight on my bag. Part of this issue was I couldn’t find any skirts which had a belt hoop.

I was amazed when I found this Topshop denim skirt because it fit perfectly! I also think that since my second surgery I’ve become a lot more confident in myself which has left me to not worry as much about whether you can see the bag. I’m still not 100% sure where this confidence has come from honestly!

Top tips for finding a skirt which is comfortable with your stoma

Don’t worry if you’re not at a confidence level where you don’t care and don’t worry if you don’t like wearing clothes which fit tightly. Here are some tips to help find the right skirt for you!

  • Try out different styles – for me, I really wanted the a line kind of skirt however a box pleated or circle skirt may be more for you if you want something looser. The best thing about wearing the latter two styles if that when your bag fills up, you can’t see it!
  • Get a comfizz waistband or wear spanx style bottoms – My comfizz waistbands are some of my fave things. They give you more support around your stoma and somehow stop it from blowing up! They’re great for any style of skirt and if you’re wanting to try a more fitted style, they might give you that extra bit of confidence
  • If skirts aren’t your thing, why not try a skort – I keep seeing skorts everywhere when I’m browsing online and I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda loving them! If you’re wanting to become more confident in wearing a skirt but feel more comfortable in trousers and shorts, it’s a great way to ease your way in. ASOS has a great selection for you to have a browse of

I think having a stoma makes you question what to wear a lot but I’m coming to realise that you can wear whatever you want. I always used to shy away from wearing tops which were ever so slightly cropped because I didn’t want to show my bag or scars but I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter! 


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