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When I Becomes We Even illness becomes wellness
As humans, we’re always looking for support whether that be from your underwear or from people around you; it’s a natural instinct. I feel lucky that I have an amazing support network of friends and family around me. However when I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and then having my ileostomy surgery I felt that my friends and family didn’t quite get it. Try as they might to help me and understand, sometimes you want to talk to people who know exactly the way you’re feeling. 
Maybe you’re worried about a certain symptom or want some advice on how to control your symptoms or are wondering how others cope with the disease…I know that I was like that and these aren’t really questions your mum can answer (unless she has the same disease/illness as you…then she probably can relate quite well). Apart from my granddad, I didn’t really know anyone who had IBD or and ostomy of any kind, let alone someone of my own age. 
I took to the internet and found various online support groups, blogs and charity websites which have really helped me both for my IBD and ileostomy bag so I thought I would share them with you incase any of you are looking for support of any kind because I know that a lot of these have really helped me. 

Just a side note, the Facebook groups are all private so they won’t show up on your friends timelines if you post or comment so you can ask whatever you want in these. I hope that this helps some of you like they helped me and comment below if you’ve found any websites to be really helpful. 

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