Mallorca Outfit Diary

As you’ve all seen from the travel diaries I’ve been doing (I hope you like them!!) I’ve been to Mallorca and we all know that going on holiday = getting new holiday clothes! I feel that on this holiday, my style changed quite a bit and I wore A LOT of dresses and playsuits (I didn’t even own a playsuit till last summer!) and a lot less shorts, which is definitely a novelty. I think one of the reasons was it was just so hot, I couldn’t bare anything tight on me!

If you’ve been following me on twitter and instagram you’ll have seen me give a lot of love to this dress! This off the shoulder dress from Mango is by far my favourite holiday item and dress of all time! I just love how versatile it is (it has straps as well as being off the shoulder!) and can be dressed up or down super easily. I’ve become such a MANGO fan recently and they are definitly up there with my favourite brands. Bonus, it’s in the sale at the moment for £9.99 which is a real steal!

Please excuse the horrible smile I have on my face here! But it was the best short from the front I had! SORRY
I know I said that I’m all about the dresses now, but I have a lot of love for these shorts which I got from Primark. They were super comfy and great for wearing round the pool or to go and grab lunch in. Quick tip, if you’re like me and like wearing shorts high waisted (I do mainly because of my stoma!), then get them I size bigger than normal just so you can! I wore it with this skater neckline top (also from Primark) which is a t-shirt I LOVE because it’s fitted but covers your bum (and in ostomates case, bags as well!) and is really easy to wear with anything, including leggings!

This was one of those step in to primark and pick up instantly buys. It’s a little sun dress and it’s honestly such a lovely dress which feels so comfy on and was really soft on your skin. I love the colour of it too and it’s nice to have something which covers your chest when your in the midday sun!

Ah, my H&M playsuit, how I love you! This is totally not my normal style but I tried it on in store and fell in love. It’s loose fitting whilst not being baggy and it’s perfect for roaming the streets of Palma as well as wearing to go to the beach or pool. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it online though, but it might be in store some places!

This blue dress from Primark has such Greek vibes about it but it feels gorgeous on. It’s a special kind of material which is meant to help you feel cooler or something but I just love the colour and the style. I actually took the belt from one of my mums purchases, also from primark, just to make it more fitted and I really think it worked well! 

I’ve had this dress now for over 4 years and it is still a firm favourite in my holiday wardrobe; mainly because I love the fabric so much. I got it in M&S but I doubt you’d be able to get it now but I thought I would keep it in the holiday outfit post because I LOVE IT OKAY! 

Remember how I said I’ve fallen in love with Mango? Well, when we were in Palma I literally stumbled across a Mango outlet store and picked up this playsuit which I really like! I can’t find the same print, but there is this one on the website which is the same style, different print!

Final outfit for you here, and it’s a primark one again. I really like the boyfriend style as you can wear them highwaisted, which is great for ostomates. The details on the top are really cute; from the tie at the bottom to the fact that it’s a button up – it just makes the top I think. 
So there are some of my outfits from Mallorca! You can follow my travel diaries here and let me know in the comments which your favourite outfit is!



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