Little things to make you feel better on low energy days

low energy days with a chronic illness

Low energy days are a part of the chronically ill package. Sadly, life goes on and you have to power on through those bad days. I find it SO tough to get on with things when I have no energy – I just want to curl up and go to sleep for the day. It’s not always possible to do that so I thought I’d share the ways I make myself feel a bit more together on these tough low energy days! 

Fatigue is something completely different to feeling tired, however the two words are often interchanged. I wrote a more in depth post on the difference between the two here but essentially fatigue is WAY more than feeling tired. It’s feeling mentally and physically exhausted and not being able to pinpoint why; no matter how much you rest and sleep, you still have that lethargic feel. 

But life goes on. Sometimes you have no choice but to carry on with your plans even though you feel rubbish.

The tips and products I’m going to share with you aren’t going to miraculously feel amazing or ‘cure’ your fatigue.  These are things I do to make me mask just how bad I feel. It’s things which make me feel a little bit more ‘normal’ and help me get things done a bit more! 

How I make myself feel better on low energy days

low energy days with a chronic illness

A spritz of perfume

Spritzing a bit of perfume on is one of my favourite ways to make myself feel a bit more like me on those low energy days. The best thing is that it requires minimum effort and energy to put on too! 

My current go to is the Micheal Buble ‘By Invitation’ in Peony Noir which smells amazing. It’s a mix of sweet Rose and Orange Blossom combined with base notes of Sandalwood and Cedarwood and is the perfect fall perfume which lasts all day. 

Simple skincare and make up 

For me, I like to do everything in my power to make myself feel awake. On low energy days I’m most likely NOT going to have a shower and wash my hair because your gal doesn’t have the energy for that! 

What I do like to do is use a good cleanser (I tend to go for the No7 foam cleanser and Botanics toner) to freshen up and then do a super simple make up look – mainly to cover dark eyes and put a bit of colour in my face. Concealer, bronzer and mascara are my go to products for sure! 

Comfy, yet together, outfit choices

Whenever I’m having a low energy day, I try and find an outfit which is somewhat stylish (for me anyways!) but comfortable. I want to be comfortable and cosy, yet put together. 

In summer, one of my favourite things to wear on these kind of days were the polka dot culottes from Pretty Little Thing. As the colder months are coming in, I’m currently trying to find the perfect clothing, so once I do I’ll let you know!! If you have any advice, let me know in the comments below. 

Keep hydrated

If you’re feeling lethargic, it’s really important to make sure you’re drinking enough. If you are dehydrated, it will only add to how rubbish you feel. I always stay away from caffeine (so I opt for decaf coffee instead!) and make sure I have my bottle of water with me too! 

These are a few tips to help me feel more together on a low energy day. How do you keep going? Let me know in the comments below!


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