Lanzarote Photo Diary

Hola friends! I’ve been meaning to write this post since I got back from Lanzarote and here it is. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a whole month since I went; the post holiday blues were very real after the trip and I could’ve stayed at least another week.

I’ve never been away in January before and I was a bit skeptical about it however it was definitely a great way to start the year. We’d wanted to go either just before NYE or attempt to go on NYD however the earliest flight we could get was the 4th which was actually kind of perfect. We had time to take all the Christmas stuff down and get everything in order then had a week of bliss in the (nearly always) sun.

We stayed in the resort of Costa Teguise which is to the north of the Island and stayed in the El Trebol. I didn’t get any pictures inside the apartment but it was really lovely with lots of space. However, we were all inclusive and the food wasn’t good at all. For us, it wasn’t too much of an issue because we’d planned to eat out a few times but still, it was really bad. It was a real shame because the restaurant area was really open plan and gorgeous to sit and eat in.

For the majority of the holiday, we stayed in the resort of Costa Teguise where we went on walks across the beach, coffees (well, orange juice and hot chocolates for me!) by the sea and we even headed to the aquarium on one of the grey days.

However, one day we decided to go on a day trip of the north of the island (last time we did the south). It took us on a tour of architecture by Ceaser Manrique who is responsible for a lot of the architecture of the island. We saw a cool statue, his house which is made in a lava flow, an aloe vera farm and the most spectacular concert hall and lava tunnel which had a pool with rare albino crabs. It was honestly the best day, and I got some great photos, so have a look!


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