Introducing Comfizz | July Ostomy Outfit Of The Month

For this months outfit, I thought I would do a gym wear outfit and introduce you to an amazing brand which specialises in ostomy support garments, Comfizz.

As soon as I tried on the vest, I couldn’t believe how well it supported my stoma; it’s specially designed to do this and has a ribbed effect so you really do feel well supported, which I find makes me a lot more comfortable when doing exercise. It also make you less likely to get a hernia, which you are more at risk of after abdominal surgery.

Since getting my stoma, I’ve been wary of wearing anything really tight as I was worried about restricting the flow of my stoma but as this is specifically designed for ostomates, it actually improves the adhesive of your bag and reduces your chance of leaks which, as anyone with a stoma knows, can be a real worry!

I go to a ballet fit session every Saturday morning and I always find my bag blows up during the class, purely because I haven’t eaten beforehand or only had something small however I really noticed that this didn’t happen when I had the vest on and I didn’t get that dragging feel when your bag is getting fuller; I felt a lot more supported and I think it’s the most comfortable I’ve felt doing exercise.

Because of the long length of the vest, it really does support the whole bag and is great if your stoma is higher up and not as supported by underwear.

What’s great about these vests is that you can wear them on their own, like I did on Saturday, or you can wear them underneath your clothes so you’re supported all day and because they’re seam free, you can’t tell you’re wearing them!

There’s a real ranged of colours too; black, white, pink and teal. I’ve got the pink one (which is perfect for going to the gym and classes!) and a black one (more to wear underneath clothes) and I’ve got the M/L size.

They are available on prescription in the UK (fill the form out here) or you can buy them on the website here!

A big thank you to Diana at Eden Healthy Lifestyle Studio for letting me take some pictures in the studio! If you live in the Eden area and interested in keeping fit and healthy, you can get a class timetable and find out more on their website and Facebook page!

This item was gifted to me by Comfizz.
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