How to start a journal

I’m one of those people who always wants to journal but has no clue where to start. I tried bullet journalling and gave up after a few months because I spent more time worrying about what it looked like. Over the past few months, my anxiety hasn’t been it’s best and I’d heard a lot about how journalling can help. However, when I opened a notebook to start, I had no clue what to do and the blank page terrified me.

When I heard about the MindJournal, I knew I had to try it. Whilst it’s actually aimed at men (which I’ll talk about in a bit) I loved it’s simplicity and the fact it gave prompts each day. I’ve found this so useful having a starting point; it’s a bit less daunting than a blank page.

So, why should I start journalling?

Journalling can help spark creativity and unload your mind. I do it along side using my Calm app to try and intertwine some mindfulness as well. Sometimes I struggle to shut off  and I’m known for getting a bit lost in my head sometimes. I overthink  and get bogged down by little things so I try really hard to practice mindfulness.

A big issue is that a lot of mindfulness and journalling apps and books are aimed at women. In how they’re written and how they look, it almost alienates men. However, journalling is a practice which any gender can benefit from and I think it’s great that there is a finally a journal which is aimed at men and mens mental health (although you don’t have to be a man to buy this!). Mental health is something which effects us all and therefore there should be books, apps and services which appeal to everyone.

But how do I actually start a journal?

The fear of a blank page is something I always struggle with. I don’t know where to start and

My biggest tip for starting a journal is just do it. Don’t get bogged down in how it looks or having the neatest handwriting, just write what you feel. Document what you’ve done. Ask yourself questions and then answer them. Get into the habit of writing daily or every few days and soon it will feel like second nature. For me, having MindJournal has really helped as it has prompts which have really helped me get used to the practice.

Do you journal? How do you practice mindfulness?

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