How to get nail art nails when you’re no good at nail art

Try as I might, I have never been any good at painting my nails. I’ve seen friends paint their nails amazingly, sometimes doing themed nails, but as soon as I try, I end up with streaky polish with more on the skin around the nail than what’s actually on the nails. However, I have found a quick and easy way to get some funky (yes, I am using the word funky) looking nails

It all comes down to one product, Seventeen’s Graffiti polish set. In the set, you get two polishes; a monochrome one (as pictured above) and then a blue glitter one which is great if you’re going on a night out. As someone who is terrible at nails, this polish makes it look like you’ve actually put in a lot of effort with your nails when in reality you’ve spent about 5 minutes doing them. 
I was so excited to try these and was not disappointed. It’s quite a strange polish to put on; unlike block colour, you just place the brush on the nail and then this graffiti effect appears. I’ve found it’s best to put two layers on as you get a much better effect. I also recommend putting a top coat on because the polish feels ever so weird and rough without it. 
The only downside to this product is removing it because it is a bugger to get off. I don’t know if there is an easier way to get it off but I normally use Boot’s conditioner nail polish remover and cotton pads but it isn’t very easy and just rips apart the cotton pad whilst it slowly comes off. 
Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this product, or similar ones, and if you have any tips on how to remove it! 
Katie xo
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