How To Do Disneyland Paris With A Chronic Illness

Disneyland Paris survival guide with a chronic illness

I’ve been very lucky to go to Disneyland Paris quite a few times in my life. Over the years, I’ve definitely learnt the best ways to do Disney which has made it a lot easier to plan going now I have two chronic illnesses. 

A trip to Disneyland is tiring for anyone, let alone someone who has a chronic illness. However, it is possible to go to Disneyland with a chronic illness and there is no reason to let it stop you from going!

If you’re new to the blog, I have two chronic illnesses, Ulcerative Colitis (with an ileostomy) and Enteropathic Arthritis. The last time I went to Disney, I still had my bowel and was flaring slightly however this is my first trip to a theme park since my ostomy and with arthritis.

I’m going to do a separate post on theme parks and stomas (because I have lots of tips specifically for that!) but today’s post is all about the best way to enjoy your time at Disney when you have a chronic illness

5 tips to make the most of your trip to Disneyland Paris when you have a chronic illness

Disneyland Paris queue times

The good thing about Disneyland Paris is that, to my knowledge, Disney is very accessible. If you let them know about your accessibility issues, they do their best to help you have the most magical time. Here are some tried and tested tips for visiting the land of magic when you have a chronic illness. 

Get an accessibility pass

This is the one thing I regret not getting BUT the reason I didn’t get an accessibility pass is because I didn’t have a medical certificate. However, the Disney accessibility pass covers lots of different medical issues, especially if your mobility is reduced.

The accessibility pass allows you to enter rides at a different point (less queues and wheelchair access) and sit in accessible places for the fireworks and parades. 

There’s also wheelchair hire so if you are struggling, you don’t have to feel stuck. I’ve found this blog post which is a thorough accessibility guide if you’re wanting more information.

Pre book your meals

This is a tip for anyone planning a trip to Disneyland. Make sure you book meals so you don’t have to queue to get in places. It also means that you have a bit of structure to your day and you can plan more. 

For Disneyland Paris, you can book your meals two months in advance and it’s a case of the sooner the better. We left it til two weeks before and one of the restaurants we went to only had tables at 11.00am and 4.30pm left. 

The Disney website gives you a good low down of all the restaurants, menus and prices. You can filter the restaurants into which parks, table service and restaurants you can reserve. Not all places allow you to reserve tables and you can only book in the Disney Village in the hotels (as far as I’m aware). 

Don’t be afraid to sit down in the queues

This seems like such a simple tip but it’s definitely something I kept reminding myself to do. The queues, especially in summer, can be loooong. I find standing agonising so for me the best thing to do was sit down in the queues. It takes the strain off your legs and can really help if you’re lagging a bit. 

Disneyland Paris Studio Park Toystory with a chronic illness

Make use of water fountains & places to sit down

There are lots of water fountains around the Disney parks and I can’t recommend using them enough. It’s so important to keep hydrated and can help you feel a bit more energised. 

A lot of restaurants don’t open in the day which means their outdoor seating areas, some with shade too. I think it’s always good to find places where you can sit and not feel like you need to buy anything! 

When we were in Disney, it was super hot (and hit 39 degrees at one point!!). If you’re looking for cooler places to rest, take refuge in the shopping arcades on Main street. They’re air conditioned and so many people were just sat on the floor in there trying to escape the heat! 

Make use of the Disneyland Paris App

The Disney App is great because it helps you see where everything is and you can see the wait times on rides. Being able to plan and structure your trip means you don’t waste your energy as much. The app tells you the times of shows, meet and greets and parades as well as showing the accessibility points. 

There are some of my tips for having the best trip to Disneyland Paris, even with a chronic illness. Leave any of your tips in the comments below ?


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