The Hidden (and not so hidden) Gems of Majorca

If you’re anything like me (and a large proportion of the UK) you might just have a slight obsession with Love Island right now. I used to be one of those people who eye rolled last year when people went on about it and here we are a year later and I am so unbelievably hooked to the show, it’s actually crazy! I’m feeling deeply invested in these people’s love lives and just lives in general. Plus it can’t just be me who is really tempted to buy one of those personalised water bottles!

The show is set in Majorca, which happens to be one of my absolute favourite places in the whole world. I’ve been going to Mallorca since I was a baby and it feels like a second home when we go. It is such a beautiful island with so many beautiful places to go. So if you’re planning a holiday to this gorgeous island, here are some of my favourite spots!

Port De Pollenca

The majority of the time I head to Mallorca, we stay in Port De Pollenca. It is a beautiful coastal town which has some beautiful views and some gorgeous restaurants. Situated at the very north of the island, it is quite hidden away but well worth the hour drive from Palma. Something I love about this little sea side town is that it hasn’t been over commercialised at all. I’ve been staying here for 20 years now and in that time I’ve seen it grow but still keeps it’s unique charm.

I absolutely love walking on the front and looking in all the little shops and stopping in the cafes and restaurants, a firm favourite being the cappuccino bar. Pine walk is absolutely beautiful and gives you some much needed shade on the really hot days and at the end of the walk you can stop at the Illia Do’r hotel for some drinks and ice cream. It is a gorgeous hotel with so much history attached. Just sitting in the bar is beautiful so it is well worth a visit.


Pollenca is about a 15 minute bus journey from Port De Pollenca and is such a quaint Spanish town. It is honestly so beautiful, surrounded by hills, and has such a classic Spanish feel to it. We often go on Sunday’s when it’s the market and it’s so busy and bustling with activity. A feature of the town is the 365 Clavari Steps which lead from the square up to this tiny church and the views you get up there are honestly breathtaking. The steps are lined with little trees and there are shops and a museum/art gallery which you can stop to look in on your way up. They’re steep but so worth the trip up.


Lluc really is a hidden gem of Majorca. It is a monastery up in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and it is such a beautiful and serene place. If you’re wanting to find some peace and quiet and just sit and feel calm, this is the place to come. The bus journey is stunning as you drive through the mountains and when you get there there is such a sense of calm about the place. It’s so interesting to walk through the monastery and the museum there is also really nice. You can also find a few nice restaurants and cafes there and when we went for the whole day, we took our books and just sat in the garden for a bit and took the whole place in.

Port Soller

Port Soller is definitely one of my favourite places on the island and I’d love to stay here for a bit rather than just doing a day trip. I alway think that the area has such a french feel to it – it really reminds me of St Tropez and south of France in general. My favourite feature of the town (apart from the amazing tapas we always have there) is the wooden trams which run to the town of Soller. They are the cutest things and add a real charm to the area. I definitely want to go and explore this side of the island more because it is so picturesque.

Alcudia Old Town

One of the biggest pulls of Alcudia is often the water park which is in the newer part of the town but if you have the chance, go into the old town. It has so many little winding streets and some absolutely stunning architecture. Because it’s so close to Port De Polleca, we often go here for a morning or afternoon to have a little explore.

Palma Old Town

Palma is definitely a not so hidden gem but it has to be on my list of places to go in Majorca! We’ve stayed here quite a few times over the years and come on countless day trips from Port De Pollenca and I love it here. Let’s start with the old town and Cathedral. It’s got such a sense of history about the place and it never fails to amaze me just how big it is! There are so many little streets which you can walk down and get lost in. I just love the atmosphere of Palma and what’s great is not only is it a great city break, it’s also right by the sea! We’ve stayed right on the front before and from the pool in the hotel, you could see the sea which I really loved.

Palma is also a great place to go shopping. Not only do they have a Sephora (which was an amazing find!) they also have a really good Mango outlet store and an amazing Zara.

Obviously there are so many beautiful areas of Majorca but these are just a few of my favourites.  If Love Island has got you feeling in need of a holiday to Majorca, you might want to consider visiting or staying in a few of these places! Let me know your favourite travel destinations in the comments below.


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