Hand Luggage Essentials

I’m going on holiday to Greece TOMORROW so I thought I would do a little hand luggage essentials post for you. I’m trying to cut down the amount I take with me in my hand luggage and I think that this holiday I might have finally cracked it!

SecuriCare Travel Bag
I use this to keep a weeks worth supply of stoma bags and everything else I need. I always take double with me jus in case and have enough for a holiday in my hand luggage so if my main luggage went missing, I don’t have to worry!
iPhone 6
I feel like having my phone is self explanatory!  It has my music on and is a handy camera as well as having a copy of my boarding passes on (I always have a paper version too just in case my phone decides to reset itself/looses battery/gets lost or stolen)
Olympus Pen EPL-7
This is definitely my new baby and you never know when you want to take a picture! Plus I don’t want to risk putting it in my suitcase!
Because I need to see! But I always take with me my RayBans which have transition lenses which are perfect for travelling because I don’t need to take a pair of sunglasses and normal glasses because these bad boys do both!
Again, another self explanatory thing because I need to keep my money somewhere!
Wireless Dr Dre Beats
I love having beats on the plane; they’re so good at cancelling out the aeroplane noise and mean you can actually hear what you’re listening too.
I rarely take an actual book on holiday now and just take this because it makes so much more space in my hand luggage and suitcase! Plus you can read it when the lights are switched off on the plane on night flights!
Portable Charger
We all know iPhones have shit battery life so I always keep my little portable charger with me (plus a cable to connect it to the phone!) and I get another charge out of it.
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
I never thought I’d be one of those people who took skincare on to a plane but I have become such a fan of the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. I bought the travel set on the plane on my last holiday and the cream really works and keeps your skin hydrated! I’ll either use it as soon as I get on the plane or once I get off it my skins feeling dry and then I use it almost daily on holiday if my skins feeling a little worse for wear after being in the sun all day.
If we’re talking essentials then you definitely need this to get out of the country- and back again!
SecuriCare Travel Certificate
This is a great little thing from SecuriCare which explains about stomas in numerous languages so if you get stopped at security or questioned about your bags in hand luggage, this has got you covered! I couldn’t recommend this more – mainly for piece of mind when you’re travelling!
Hand Sanitiser 
The sinks in the toilets on the plane never seem to work properly so I always like to have hand sanitiser so I can feel somewhat clean!
You can never guess what the temperature is going to be like on a plane so it’s always good to have a large scarf/blanket or a big hoodie which you can curl up in and relax on the plane
Paracetamol & Strepsils
I nearly always end up with a sore throat on a plane – I think it’s the air con – so strepsils are a must for me! I also have dissolvable paracetamol with me incase I need it!

So there are my hand luggage essentials! Let me know in the comments below what your essentials are!


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