Going to university with a stoma + Chronic Illness

Going to university is daunting for anyone. It can be a little bit more so when you have a stoma and a chronic illness as there is an added element of the unknown. I’m hoping that today’s YouTube video and blog post will help put your mind at rest. It might not feel like it, but going to uni with a chronic illness is completely doable. Yes, it may be more difficult and you may face some hurdles but you can do it. 

A Quick Step Guide to Going to University with a Chronic Illness

  1. Get in touch with your university’s disability services
    This is an essential if you have a stoma, chronic illness or disability as you can get a personal learning plan.
  2. Find out if you’re eligible for disabled students allowance
    You may be able to access more services, get special chairs, printers, recording equipment which will help your learning experience
  3. Listen to your body
    If you’re feeling tired, take a break! (Literally, everyone naps at uni so do not worry about it!)
  4. Talk to you GP and specialist nurses before you go
    They can help put your mind at rest and help put things in place to make your transition to uni easier.
  5. Find your nearest pharmacist & talk to your stoma supplier
    Make sure you go with at least a 1 month prescription and remember to take the green repeat form with you! If you’re with SecuriCare (you can probably do this with other stoma suppliers too) give them a ring to discuss going to uni and the best option for where to send your supplies to and how often

The most important thing is have fun! I know it’s cliche but university can be the best three (or more) years so take the experiences and make the most of them.

If you’ve been to uni with a stoma or chronic illness, leave your tips in the comments below!
Katie May ❤️


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