Embracing Micro Adventures

I’m lucky to say that most of my life, especially my childhood, has been filled with micro adventures. Fun, little expeditions which leave you feeling excited and content. I used to have school holiday’s filled with them and I still try to get out and have my little exploration days and weekends.

I’ve recently been reading Departures by Anna Hart which has ignited my passion for travel and writing. Anna writes a bit about micro adventures which really resonated with me. She writes about how adventures are more a state of mind than the massive three month backpacking treks around Asia (don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to do that but right now, it just isn’t possible). A quite I really liked was;

“Adventures can be swift, they can be small and they are most definitely subjective”

I just loved this look at adventure. I’m the type of person who will say they’ve been on an adventure when, in reality, I’ve just been on a dog walk and maybe taken a slightly different route to normal. I’ve even been on adventure if I’ve tried a different coffee shop out!

So, what is a micro adventure?

The guy who, according to Google, made micro adventures ‘a thing’ defines them as;

an overnight outdoor adventure that is “small and achievable, for normal people with real lives”

I don’t know if I totally agree with this statement. I do think that micro adventures are small and achievable which don’t mean giving up your ‘normal’ life. However, I don’t think they have to be overnight nor do they necessarily have to be outdoors.

To me, micro adventures are about exploring. They’re about trying new things and being excited about things.

I’m lucky to live 20 minutes from the Lake District. A lot of my micro adventures involve heading to a lake with my friends and with my dog. I go most weekends with my family and even see that as a little adventure sometimes. When I’m at uni in Manchester, my adventures include mooching around the Northern Quarter, day trips to different towns and food crawls around the city.

Micro adventures are subjective. If something feels like an adventure to you then you’re already on an adventure!! It’s simple really!

Some Micro Adventure ideas

You can literally make anything into a micro adventure – thats the beauty of them! Here’s a list of some of my favourite micro adventures (plus a few which are on my adventure list!)

  1. Go to the circus – the circus came to town the other week and my mum randomly went and got tickets. It was a beautiful sunny day and it felt like such an adventure.
  2. Have a picnic – eating outside with a picnic is always fun. One of my favourite things to do in the summer is get my friends together and go to the lake with a massive picnic. It’s always so much fun!
  3. Water Water Water – there’s something about going to open waters which feel like an adventure. I’m not a very good swimmer so open water swimming probably isn’t the best idea for me but if it’s you’re type of thing it is a perfect adventure! I’ll stick to paddling and watching – it’s probably safer!!
  4. Take a different route – do you take the same route every day? Whether it’s to work or to your favourite coffee shop, why not try taking a different route. I do this a lot in Manchester; if I’m on my own I’ll randomly decide to take a different route and I always find something new which is so exciting!
  5. Explore a different part of your home town – you’ll have heard the term be a tourist in your own town and this is totally it! There’s nothing more adventurous than exploring somewhere you already know and seeing it in a completely different light.
  6. Sleep under the stars – I love stargazing and I would love to sleep under the stars (I’m just really not good with camping so I may need to work on that!) and there is something so magical and adventurous about the thought of sleeping under the stars. I’d definitely download that app which shows you what all the different stars are!
  7. Go on a hike – I’m a country girl and live in the lakes so I’ve definitely done a fair few walks in my time! The feeling of completing a walk is indescribable, you feel so fulfilled (and tired and hungry too!) and it’s such an adventure. You never know what you’re going to see and find and every walk is completely different!
  8. Go to the beach – I love going to the beach (I wish I lived closer to one!) and there the perfect place to go on an adventure whether it’s to try paddle boarding, having a picnic or open swimming; there’s so much adventure to have!
  9. Have a food crawl – this is a personal favourite of mine and I will be sharing a recent food crawl I had around Manchester soon! Set out different places to eat across a certain place and find the adventure. It’s honestly so much fun and very fulfilling!
  10. Road Trip – The grandaddy of adventures has to be the road trip and there’s a reason; they’re so much fun! The adventure doesn’t begin when you get to the place, it’s about how you get there too. Make your detours fun and your snack and fuel stops an adventure. Stock up on fun foods and a banging road trip playlist and make your journey an adventure too!
  11. Go on a photography walk – whether it’s an organised photo tour or you just take yourself on one, photography walks make you look at the world a little differently and I always find myself looking at little details. You see places in a different light and they’re fun as well. I often take myself on photography walks around Manchester, often when I’m lacking in instagram content or I’m early to meet friends for coffee, and I’ve found so many new places this way.
  12. Hire a boat – I’ve done this with friends on our picnics; hired a boat to go on the lake. We laughed so much when we did this and found out we’re probably not the best rowers.
  13. Try a different type of activity – Trying something new always feels like an adventure. Something I really want to try is paddle boarding because it looks really fun. Maybe you want to try scuba diving or learn something new? Adventures can be all shapes and sizes!
  14. Go somewhere new – another classic way to have an adventure – go somewhere completely new! There’s nothing more fun that going to a new place and getting to discover it for the first time. One of my favourite trips like this recently has been when I went to Altrincham with Lauren and we discovered an amazing new part of Greater Manchester which I cannot wait to go to again soon

I’d love to hear your thoughts on micro adventures and your favourite adventures! Let me know in the comments! 



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