Drinking Alcohol with a Stoma

Christmas party season is getting closer so I thought I’d do a little blog post on drinking alcohol with a stoma. With Christmas just around the corner (seriously, how are we here already?!?) so are christmas party’s, family gatherings and christmas markets. All of this can be a little (and a lot) exhausting but also a lot of fun. There’s also a lot of occasions where you can drink and if you’re new to having a stoma, or trying to introduce different things into what you’re eating and drinking, I thought I’d share my tips for drinking alcohol with a stoma.

I know I do little disclaimer’s in most posts like this but these tips are based solely on my own experience. Everyone with IBD & stoma’s have different reactions to different things so yeah, this is my take on it 🙂

Can I drink alcohol with a stoma?

Like I just said in my disclaimer, everyone is different. Before my bag, I couldn’t drink alcohol. If I did, I wouldn’t get drunk but I would trigger an even worse flare which no one wants. Since having the bag, I can drink alcohol and I don’t get hangovers (win) but I’ve seen on forums that some people can’t so it’s one of those trial and error things really.

One thing to remember if you are drinking alcohol is that alcohol really dehydrates and if you have a stoma, you might already struggle with dehydration a little bit, especially if you have an ileostomy. Because of this, I always try and rehydrate as much as possible whilst drinking and before I go to bed to help.

Tips for drinking alcohol with a stoma

Eat before you drink

I mean, this is a go to for most people, stoma or no stoma, but even more important when you do have one. Trust me, I’ve drank without eating and it’s not very nice. You end up with a very airy, watery bag and it’s really hard to back into eating so you’re out of routine for a few days. I also get a really sore stoma when I do that too so trust me, it’s not worth it.

Have a rehydration sachet before you go to bed

Rehydration sachets are one of my essentials (and not just for drinking). They’re perfect for if you’re feeling like you haven’t drank enough one day and they rebalance your salts and sugars. As they rehydrate, they’re perfect to have after you’ve drank alcohol and they really do help.

Drink water with your drinks

This kind of links to the last point of keeping hydrated. I try and have at least some water whilst I’m drinking just to keep a little bit hydrated and so I don’t feel too ill!

It’s also important to note that different alcohols affect your bag differently. If you’re having fizzy drinks as mixers or beer/cider, your bag will balloon a lot more!


Leave your tips for drinking with a stoma in the comments below!
Katie May ❤️
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