Dressing for your Stoma #2

After the great response I got from the first dressing for your stoma I thought I’d do another post. I originally found that wearing dresses is really comfy way of dressing, especially after having surgery mainly because I have always preferred the skater style dresses which don’t cling to the body.  So here’s an outfit which will suit smarter occasions and is nice and warm for these colder days. 

So, on with the outfit. I found this dress in a local dress agency and it’s originally from Zara. I can’t find the dress on their website but they have a lot of similar styles. What I love about this dress is how structured it is and that it kicks out from the waist so even if your bag blows up (which mine did do today in this dress) you can’t see it at all. 
The tights are from primark and they’re thick but not bobbly (if that makes sense). The idea of them is that they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter but they have a fleece inside which is so soft! My scarf is also from primark and I got it about two years ago. Currently there’s a really nice reversible tartan scarf which has a red tartan on one side and a black tartan on the other. I’m so tempted to buy it so I can almost guarantee that it’ll be in an outfit post soon! 
The leather jacket is a new one in my wardrobe and another find in the local dress agency. Again, I can’t find the exact on but this one is quite similar. I couldn’t believe when I found it for a bargain price of £40! A leather jacket always adds to an outfit and just finishes it off, giving it a little extra something. What can I say, I’m all for the leather jacket!! 
Finally, my boots are from Clarks and I got them a few years ago so I can’t find them online but it’s that time of the year where you can find them everywhere! 
Let me know in the comments below what you think of the outfit 🙂


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