A Day in the Lakes Photo Diary

I am really lucky to live so close to the Lake District. I’m about 25 minutes away from Ullswater so we’ll often spend part of the weekend by a lake with the dog. When I’m at home, me and mum go to a fitness class and a big group of us from there went on a walk the other weekend. We did part of the Ullswater way – getting the boat from Pooley Bridge to Glenridding then walking from Glenridding back to HowTown and then the boat from there back to the car.

It was such a lovely walk, even if it was quite hilly and rocky at points, and we were so lucky with the weather too! There were some absolutely stunning views so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take lots of photos and make a little YouTube video.

So head to the lakes with me in this weeks video

Near the end of the walk, we had the most gorgeous picnic provided by Luke from The Yard but sadly I didn’t take any photos of it purely because I was so hungry by this point! It was the perfect end (even though it wasn’t quite at the end) to the day and we were all very happy to tuck into it.

I’m always blown away by the stunning views in the Lakes – whatever the weather they always look so beautiful and dynamic. Walking around here seems to leave me feeling much calmer. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m out in the fresh air or if the colours of nature are what calm me but I always feel like I have much more clarity after a walk. With so much change going on right now – graduation, getting my masters sorted, not having surgery – it was just what I needed!

Whatever the weather, it is always cold on the steamers but the views you get are absolutely stunning. Being in the middle of the open lake is so serene and beautiful and I just love been on the open water. I always love seeing the little boat houses by the lake and the quaint cottages which you can see. The views really do stretch for miles and it’s gorgeous.

I’ve only walked part of this walk before so it was really exciting to get to take on a new walk. Arthur definitely enjoyed running through the bracken and running up and down the hills. It will come as no surprise to anyone who’s been to The Lake District before but there were lots of hills. And, just when you thought you’d got to the top of the hill, you were suddenly going up again! However, I found it really rewarding when I finally achieved the walk! Plus, the higher you go, the more stunning the views were. Seeing the lake from different viewpoints always fascinates me because it looks so different!

This walk has definitely made me determined to go on more walks like it. We used to do them all the time but it’s been a while and I enjoyed it so much. Leave your favourite walks down in the comments below!


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