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Hello lovelies! I’ve finished my exams! If you read my Hello Summer post you would already know this but I finished on Tuesday and it feels so surreal to not have to do any work. Yeah, I’m not used to that. I used the end of exams to go on a bit of a spending splurge because, you know, spend your stress away! Also, where has the sun gone? Typical that as soon as my exams are done it turns into one big black cloud! Anyways, on with my current favourites!


  • Britain’s Got Talent; I love this show and get hooked every year! I really hope that the magician wins because it would be something a bit different to normal. I’m absolutely gutted that I’m going to have to miss the final tomorrow though 🙁 
  • Dance Moms; Another show which I’m hooked on. The last few episodes have been so emotional because *spoiler alert* Maddie and Mackenzie have left! 
  • Eastenders; And yet another show which I religiously watch. I think that the Peggy storyline and Bobby Beale have been great and Steve McFadden’s acting has been superb! 
  • Love, Nina; This started last Friday on BBC1 and it’s a lovely half hour drama which is quintessentially english and it’s brilliant! 

Listening To…

  • Cry by Sigma ft Take That
  • Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King
  • Hair by Little Mix


  • I’ve just started reading Nod by Adrian Barnes which is a really interesting book about what happens when the majority of the world stops been able to sleep and after 6 days sleep deprivation psychotic sets in. 


  • I’m in love with this Denim Pinafore Dress from Primark. It’s so cute and I just love how comfy it is; perfect for summer days (when the sun comes back!) 
  • Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette; This was by splurge end of exams present to myself. I’ve wanted it for ages and it’s my first ever high end eyeshadow palette and oh my god it’s so pretty and perfect and there’s such a range of shades. As someone who has never used high end eyeshadow before, I was so shocked at just how pigmented it is! It’s great and I am so in love with it
  • L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion; I think it’s well established that I love L’Oreal products and I’ve been dying to get my hands on this new foundation and boy was I not disappointed! It is the easiest foundation I’ve ever applied and I love how compact it is. I got it in the colour 003 which I think is Vanilla but I’ll update this once I’ve checked and it matches my skin perfectly! You can build it up really well and it blends nicely too. 
  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours; I actually got this after reading Amanda’s post on them and they really are a great Matte lipstick which isn’t drying on the lips. I think the colour range they have too is really nice! 

And The Rest…

  • I’m in love with this cute little Starbucks mug which I had to buy after going into starbucks numerous times to do some revision! 
  • I had such a great time doing the Crohns and Colitis Walk around Manchester and love my little medal I got which has now doubled up as a key ring
  • The Camel bedding which I bought from Primark and is actually the background of the photo (well, the photo isn’t on the camel side!) is definitely a favourite because it’s so damn cute! 


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