HOME MCR & thoughts on my law masters

Something I love doing is going around different coffee shops to go and do uni work or to catch up with friends.

One place I spent the majority of third year was HOME on First Street in Manchester. It is a cafe, restaurant, cinema and theatre all rolled into one gorgeous venue. I used to live just around the corner from here and it was perfect place to go for a few hours and write my dissertation. The vibes of HOME are great; they have some great music and it’s really chill. No one minds you spending the day sitting there and it’s relatively quiet in the morning too which always helps me get into the work vibe.

I wrote a while back about how it’s so important to find a good work place.For me, I really struggle working in a silent environment. I love people watching and being able to feel relaxed whilst I’m doing work. For me, coffee shops are the perfect environment. What I love about HOME is that it has a really chilled environment and you just keep going up to the bar when you want more coffee. For me, it really is the perfect environment. It’s not too noisy but it has a really cosy environment. I always seem to feel motivated when I come here to do work and I always manage to get quite a bit of work done too.

Another winning thing about HOME is the fantastic coffee and food they do in the cafe. They have such a range of drinks, my go to work drink being a decaf latte & the blood orange San Pellegrino which is amazing. There quick food service is really good too, my go to’s being either pizza or the chargrill chicken kebab which is an amazing little wrap filled with salad and chicken which tastes gorgeous. It’s always good to know there’s a tasty selection of food and snacks to help me whilst I’m working.

I always feel at home when I go to HOME. When I think back to third year, it’s actually crazy how much time I spent there. I’m kind of sad I haven’t been as much this year, part of that is due to the fact I work very near there so I spend a lot of my time on First Street already and I like to head to different parts of the city. However, I’m starting to go more after I’ve been to uni as I’m already quite close and *hopefully* already in a work mindset.

Recently, I’ve found I’ve really been struggling to get into that work mindset. Part of that is due to the fact I just haven’t been enjoying my uni course as much as I thought I would. I thought I’d love getting to go further into topics I found interesting but I’m really struggling to get on board with the taught element of my masters. I know that a large part of me wants to just get onto doing my own research and get started on my dissertation (which I start around April/May time). Slowly, I’m managing to get back into it but it’s still not how I thought it was going to be. I thought I’d love how independent it is as I’m quite self motivated however I really struggle only been in uni once a week. Not having many structured days has led to me feeling quite unsupported even though I know I can go to my tutors if I have a problem. Lack of structured days has led to me feeling a little lost and I haven’t been quite sure what to do about it.

I finally¬†¬†have a personal tutor meeting tomorrow so I can talk through some of my worries. Something I’ve decided to do (probably in the new year seeing as it’s nearly the end of term!) is to set aside time every week where I get up and go to a coffee shop and get my reading and assignments done and dusted. I’m hoping that by setting aside set amounts of time every week, I’ll gain some of the structure which I’ve been craving.



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