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body confident in swimware UK when you have a stoma

Body confidence can be hard at the best of times, regardless of whether you have a stoma or not. Being comfortable in your own skin is something a lot of us have to work on, especially when it comes to being body confident when wearing swimwear.

I remember at one of my hospital appointments with one of my gastro consultants and we were discussing the fact that I decided NOT to reverse my stoma and, instead, opted to keep my ostomy bag forever. 

He immediately said; “oh, you mustn’t be a bikini girl then”

Yeah, he was definitely in the #DoctorsAreDickheads category. I didn’t really take in what he said until after I left my appointment but my mum definitely did and went back in to give him a piece of her mind.

His words stuck with me a bit though. Why wouldn’t I be a bikini girl because I opted to keep my stoma? There are so many amazing women online proudly showing their bags whilst at the pool and on the beach because, guess what, THERE’S NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF! 

body confident in swimware UK when you have a stoma

My stoma has made me more confident in swimwear

Truth be told, I’ve never really been comfortable in a bikini – stoma or no stoma.I’ve always opted for a tankini or a full piece because I feel much more confident like that. 

I’ve often talked about how my stoma has made me more confident in general but finding the right swimwear has made me actually feel GOOD too! 

The gorgeous bardot swimsuit has given me such confidence. The pattern distracts from the bag (I’m actually amazed at how you really cannot tell there’s a stoma bag under there!). Plus I’m a big fan of the bardot style as I think it’s really flattering. 

I just need a holiday (or spa day) to make full use of this gorgeous swimsuit. 

Tips for swimming & choosing swimwear with a stoma

Find a style which you feel comfortable  whether that’s a full piece, tankini or bikini. I often try and find something which is promoted as body shape so you have extra support. UK Swimwear has a really large selection of different styles which might help you in your search!

Don’t worry about what other people think as long as you feel good, that’s enough! You may get the odd person looking if you can see your bag and that can be tough but try and brush it off! It’s probably that they’re just curious or they’re just looking. I know it can be hard when you feel like people are looking, you begin to feel self conscious, but don’t let it stop you from having fun! 

Remember your filter covers you know those stickers which come in every box of bags? Well they’re your filter covers and they help stop your bag getting water in and keep the filter dry! I’m the worst at remembering to put them on but they do actually make a bit of a difference! 

Use a comfizz waistband if you are worried about your bag ballooning. I used them when I went to a waterpark the other year and my swimming costume didn’t have the best support and it helped SO MUCH! 

So, how do you make yourself feel body confident in your swimwear? Help a gal out and leave your tips in the comments below!

Some of the items mentioned in this were gifted however all opinions and body confidence thoughts are my own

This post was sponsored by SecuriCare and CliniMed


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