Beach Daze | An Alternative Day Out on Your Trip to Cumbria & The Lake District

I’m incredibly lucky to live 20 minutes from the Lake District and whenever the suns out, my automatic reaction is to head to the lakes. This bank holiday, we’re seeing another fantastic few days of summer weather however, the Lakes + sun + bank holiday weekend = an absolute nightmare. There’s always so much traffic and the lakeside is crammed which, when you have an excitable dog, isn’t necessarily the best idea. So, let me let you into a little secret and insight into an alternative day out in the lake district. A day at the beach.

With all the tourists flocking to the various lakes, we went to the west coast which can often be quite forgotten about and talked down a bit. Allonby is a tiny little village right on the west coast of Cumbria and arguably a very hidden gem of Cumbria. About 30 minutes from Keswick and an hour from Windermere, it’s very accessible from the Lakes and a really fun day out.

Why should you choose a day at the beach over a day at the lake

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a day the Lake. In fact, most weekends you’ll find me sat by the side of one of the many lakes (Derwentwater & Ullswater to be precise) but sometimes it can be really crowded and you might want to see and so something a little bit different.

Also, who doesn’t love a day at the beach? There’s nothing like sitting by the sea, picnic in front of you and very sandy sandwiches!

Just down the road from Allonby is Silloth which is a little seaside town and has a really fun sea front however, if you’re wanting a big stretch of beach to play on, Allonby is the one. As well as the beach, there’s also a FAB fish and chip shop and and ice cream parlour which is to die for (although the queue was massive when we went on Sunday so I didn’t get one ?).

How to have the perfect beach day

Remember when I talked about micro adventures and why we need to have more of them in life? Well beach days are a perfect way to have micro adventure. They can be full of fun, creativity, mystery and adventure. Here are a few ways to have the best beach day in the lake district!

  • Make a picnic – before we got on the road, we made the most delicious picnic with salads, sandwiches, quiche and pie and it was so good! Not only was it good to eat, it was also fun to make. To try and reduce our waste, we put everything into old jam jars which mum had kept and cleaned. I don’t know why but it really added to that adventure kinda feel. Because it was so hot, we also took lots and lots of water with us (BIG TIP freeze some water bottles with you so it keeps your food cool and then you have cold water later in the day!)
  • Take a book – Whenever I’m on holiday, I always end up reading on the beach so why shouldn’t I in the UK? I know it doesn’t scream adventure it’s definitely one of my favourite ways to just chill, relax and unwind
  • Go for a swim – I’m not going to lie, swimming in the sea kind of terrify’s me (especially because of the tide!) but it can be a lot of fun! I currently can’t get my stomach wet because of all the dressings and healing issues I’m having so I had to settle for paddling but there were so many people going for a swim! It was so surprising just how warm the sea was!
  • Take some games – whether it’s boules, a bat and ball, kites whatever floats your boat really! Have some fun with whoever you’ve gone with and enjoy the moment!
  • Embrace aeroplane mode – this is something I’m doing more and more and I’ll be doing a more in depth post soon on it BUT I’m all for turning on aeroplane mode on your phone. Whenever I’m out spending time in nature/with friends and family and wanting to really experience the moment, I’m switching my phone on aeroplane mode so I’m not tempted to go on my phone every now and then.

Have you ever thought to go to the beach on your trip to the lakes? What are your beach essentials?



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