Altrincham Market

I love exploring new places, especially areas around where I live. I’ve lived in Manchester for 3 1/2 years now however I haven’t explored the area anywhere near as much as I’d like to. When my friend Lauren asked if I wanted to head to Altrincham to have a wander around the market I jumped at the chance. I’d heard so much about the market and always fancied popping in and after visiting yesterday I want to again and again.

I loved the vibe of Altrincham market. It was so quirky, artistic and homely. We talked to so many different stall holders and everyone was so friendly telling us about their products and lives. I loved how personal the place was and you instantly felt welcome. A few people asked if we were bloggers and when we said yes we were they were so interested. In fact, a stall which promoted a local food bank and how you can get involved in giving back to the community is now working with me on a new blog post (coming next week!!).

There was such a mix of stalls from a pet stall (where I managed to get Arthur some bacon flavoured bubbles to play with) to fruit and veg stalls to local produce to handmade crafts. Every stall was different and unique with its own story to tell.

There was also an indoor part to the Altincham market which was purely food. It took us ages to decide what to get because everything looked gorgeous. We ended up going for coffees and pizza. I loved how fresh everything was; you could see your pizza being handmade and put into a pizza oven. We ended up opting for a mozzarella, garlic, basil and sea salt pizza which was absolutely beautiful! The space was a little creative hub with loads of tables in the centre. You just took a seat once you’d ordered and waited for it to come. What was brilliant about it was you just sat on these long tables and could either chat to other people or just keep yourself to yourself. There was a real community feel to the place and even though we were just visiting for an hour or so, you were made to feel so welcome.

One stall I absolutely¬†loved¬†was a handmade pottery stall called Fire Station Square Pottery. They were the most beautiful handmade bowls, mugs and plates to name a few things in some beautiful colours. The woman who was on the stall told us how her husband hand makes everything and the mug I bought was actually made last Thursday which I thought was just a nice thing to know. I ended up buying a mug because I couldn’t go away from the stall not getting anything! I opted for a dark blue mug which matches my room perfectly. I’ve already had a cup of tea in it (I’m actually drinking it now writing this post) and it’s a good mug. Perfect for cosy cold days with tea or hot chocolate; it’s safe to say it will be well used and well loved.

It’s safe to say that I loved my little trip to Altrincham and will definitely be heading there again soon! Me and Lauren are already planning another trip there with our friend Eff to go when they have some live music (and maybe when it’s a tad bit warmer). The whole vibe of the place is fab and has put me in a really positive mind set.



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