Alcohol free alternatives for Dry January

Dry january alcohol alternatives
sea arch alcohol free gin

January is the month which sees us making resolutions and giving our bodies a bit of a rest after Christmas. A lot of people choose to take part in dry january and, as some one who doesn’t drink anymore, I wanted to explore what alcohol free alternatives there are and whether they’re actually any good!

When I’m going out, I quickly get bored of having lemonade or coke – sometimes you want something which feels a bit more fancy and grown up. Whether it’s a cheeky mocktail, an alcohol free beer or non-alcoholic gin – as more of us are becoming more health conscious, there seems to be an array of different alcohol free options and I AM EXCITED BY IT!

How to feel comfortable NOT drinking

The good thing about dry January is that it is just a month and it’s a great way to give your body a rest after Christmas. However, as someone who doesn’t drink at all anymore, it can be hard at times to explain you’re not drinking etc.

Having alcohol free alternatives which are more than just a coke or lemonade is a great way to start feeling more comfortable. If you’re going out, Club Soda, who are running the UK’s mindful drinking movement, have a guide of the best alcohol free alternatives and where you can buy them so it’s definitely a good place to go!

It can be strange being the only sober one when everyone’s drinking but when you don’t have the hangover the next day, you don’t mind! Also, more and more people are choosing NOT to drink – often you’ll find you’re not the only one choosing the alcohol free option.

3 alcohol free options to help you survive dry January

Dry january alcohol alternatives
sea arch alcohol free gin

Sea Arch alcohol free Gin

The first alcohol free alternative I tried was Sea Arch alcohol free gin . This is the first time I’ve tried a non alcohol gin and wow I am impressed. We mixed is with the Fentimans Indian Tonic Water and some lime which is a really refreshing drink – you can’t actually believe there’s no alcohol in it!

Not only does the gin taste good – it has a sweetness to it which was gorgeous – it comes in the most beautiful bottle too so you feel like you’re having a special drink.

Alcohol free beer & cider from The Dry Drinker

The Dry Drinker has a great selection of alcohol free and low alcohol drinks – from beer & cider to wines, mocktails and spirits. They also have some fab vegan and gluten free options too!

The Braxzz non alcoholic porter is possibly my favourite from the selection – it has a really nice after taste. It’s funny because I’m not the biggest beer fan but I’d definitely opt for this one!

Dry january alcohol alternatives
sea arch alcohol free gin

Elderflower & ginger fizz

The bottle green cordial are some of my favourites and if you’re looking for a little bit of fizz which is alcohol free, they’re a great option. Mixed with some sparkling water and it’s almost like you’re having a glass of prosecco (if we’re being completely honest, I prefer this to prosecco!). My two favourites are the elderflower cordial and the ginger one – they’re refreshing without being too sweet.

Have you gone alcohol free? Leave your favourite drinks in the comments below!

Some of the products featured were gifted however all views are my own


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