A Foodie Adventure Around Manchester with EatMCR

If you asked me to plan my perfect day, it would 100% involve food, a bit of adventure and sunshine. Mix in some of your best friends and you have a winner of a day. I had that exact day last month when, along with my friends Eff & Lauren, I headed to Manchester for a day of eating. Between us, we’d bought 3 EatMCR cards which were loaded with deals at lots of different restaurants in and around Manchester. Because of my surgery and having to move home, it ended up that there was only 1 day where all three of us were free to go on a little foodie day around the city. We were blessed with the most gorgeous sunny day too and it was a pretty perfect day!


Our first stop was Alabama’s All American Eatery for some amazing pancakes. Because we had our Eat cards, we could get any pancake stack for free (worth £8.99) and I opted for the berry stack. I love me some fluffy pancakes and these were b-e-a-utiful. Between the three of us, we tried all the pancakes except the bacon & maple syrup (but I definitely want to head back and try them!) and none of us were disappointed.

The vibes were really cool in there too; they played 60’s & 70’s music and the whole place felt really chilled. We spent ages sat in there, catching up and just enjoying the atmosphere. It’s safe to say I’ll definitely be back to try more of the menu because there were so many tasty sounding dishes.

Where to find : 10 Newton Street, Manchester, M1 2AN


Ah, Solita’s! One of my favourite places to go for food in Manchester. With our card, we could get free Cheeseburger Spring Rolls or Mac and Cheese balls so we got a mix of the two. Now, let me tell you about cheeseburger spring rolls because they are to die for. Basically, they’re burger mince and cheese in a spring roll but they are some of the most amazing things out there. I rave about them a lot and whenever I go for a meal there have to get them!

Because we were on a food crawl, we decided not to get a full meal and just had some drinks with them (we needed to leave space!) but I can really recommend the catalan burger and the grilled salmon! They’ve recently changed the menu and have some fab new things including a roast dinner burger which I 100% need to try!

Where to find : Turner Street, Manchester, M4 1DW

Fig & Sparrow

After having two pretty heafty food stops, we decided to have a stroll around the Northern Quarter. NQ is one of my absolute favourite places and is a must visit whenever you come. It’s full of independent shops, cafes and restaurants and has the best vibes.

Manchester in the sun is a beautiful thing and we managed to get a seat outside Fig & Sparrow to get a drink. I opted for an iced coffee because it’s spring/summer and iced coffee is a must! What I love about Fig & Sparrow is that a) it is right in the heart of the Northern Quarter and b) they do fab coffee. It’s very instagrammable (although I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any photos) and has really nice vibes about the place

Where to find : 20 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JA

Crazy Pedro’s

Crazy Pedro’s is a fab place and on a night is always really fun. We had free slices of pizza here on our Eat MCR cards and I opted for one of there specials that day – a cheeto and steak pizza. It’s not the most glamorous looking pizza but it was fab. I hadn’t had anything like it before but I definitely wanted more once I was done!

Where to Find : 1 Short Street, Manchester, M4 1AA

The plan had been to go bowling after having this because we got a free game on the card but because the sun was shining and it was such a beautiful day, we ended up sitting on the grass outside Great Northern Warehouse instead and just chilled. It’s a bit of a hectic time for us all so it was nice to have a laugh and catch up (and we got some really cute polaroid pictures).

Big Grillie Style, Joshua Brooks

I’m not gonna lie, I always forget that Joshua Brooks does food! It’s a very student-eque place with cheap drinks and really laid back atmosphere but they also do really good food as well! With our EatMCR cards we could get any burger for free. We all opted for the veggie option which was falafel, halloumi and red pepper hummus with chips and it was really tasty. It was a fab way to end our foodie adventure (and had taken me back to the station which was really handy too!).

Where To Find : 106 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6NG

Sadly, I had to go and catch a train home but I had such a fab day. There were so many other deals we had (and the girls have been to use some of the others and they look fab!). If you’re spending some time in Manchester, I really recommend getting the EatMCR cards because they’re such good value for money! In a day, I got my money back. I just wish I’d been able to use more of the deals before I had my op…I think I’ll be getting the card again though if I’m back living there.

Where’s your favourite place to eat in Manchester?



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