#7daysofIBD | A Day in the Life with IBD

I have to say that if I’d done this last year when I had active colitis in my whole colon this Day in the life would’ve included a hell of a lot more toilet trips in it; instead, it’s a lot more relaxed! I’ve based this of my day yesterday where I was having a very good day and did a lot so here we go…

4am – empty stoma bag

7.45am – wake up to a leak of my mucus fistula bag. Luckily I had to get up at eight anyways and it had only just leaked so it wasn’t too bad. It tends to leak quite often as I’ve ran out of Coloplast Brava Strips (available from SecuriCare) and they’re not coming till next week. The last but of my colon is still quite active with colitis so there is blood which comes into the bag along. So yeah, impromptu bag change

8am – breakfast which was some yoghurt with jam mixed in. Accompanied with a cup of tea, a bottle of water and listening to Chris Evans Breakfast show

8.45am – Another bag empty

9.15am  – Set off for uni.

9.30am -10.30am – Business Law lecture. Big bottle of water necessary to keep hydrated as I’m always really thirsty in the morning from not having a drink in the night

11am – Went to Costa Coffee with one of my friends. I’ve been trying a few of the christmas drinks but this year I’m really not feeling them! I think I’ll stick to my normal decaf latte

12pm -2pm – Christmas Shopping!! I decided to get really organised and I bought some presents and all the wrapping. I had a water with me and some breakfast biscuits to keep me going and not get too hungry/thirsty whilst I’m out and to stop my stoma from gurgling too much!

2pm-3pm – Back at the flat, I had a lunch of a Greggs sausage roll! Before surgery, that would have left me in so much pain and on the toilet for the rest of the day so now that I can eat them, I like to treat myself to one every now and them. I caught up with the latest episode of Once Upon A Time and had some Lucozade sport as well as I still felt a bit dehydrated and lucozade sport does really help with rehydration.

3pm-5pm – Back out into town to do some more christmas shopping! I feel quite accomplished actually as I’ve only got one person left to buy for!

5pm – 6pm – I had a rest. A nice cup of tea and watched some videos on YouTube. I’m not going to lie, my back was hurting quite a bit from been stood up and walking for quite a bit so it was nice to have a proper sit down and chill

6pm – bag empty. Note to anyone with an ostomy, always empty your bag before you eat because you never feel like doing it afterwards

6pm-7pm – TEA TIME!! I cooked pasta with a tomato sauce (including peas, a yellow pepper, onions, garlic with some oregano and basil) with salmon in and garlic bread and it actually tasted really nice.

7pm onwards – I wrapped up all the presents I bought whilst watching the soaps, TFI Friday and I’m A Celeb and wrote this blog post. My joints were starting to ache quite a bit so I used this heat lamp  thing which help with joint pain  and put my feet up!

10pm – PJs are on with a nice cup of tea and tucked up in bed. Wild Friday night, I know but I’ve had quite a long, full day and I’ve got a very busy day tomorrow (today for you) as I’m going to Leeds for a blogger event and I want to be awake and ready for a fun filled day!

10.20pm – Another mucus fistula bag change…luckily I saw it had come off a bit before it started to leak!

11pm – Last bag empty of the day and time for bed

If you want more information, head over to the Crohn’s and Colitis charity website, go and have a search of the #7daysofIBD and read about other peoples lives with IBD and get involved yourself in the hashtag and finally, donate to the charity by texting DAYS22 £3 to 70070.


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