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2015 has officially begun and three days in I feel that it’s time I wrote down a list of things I want to do this year and how I think I can improve on the last 365 days. Now, I don’t know about you but towards the end of 2014 my Facebook news feed was a see of status updates sarcastically saying “Can’t wait for the new year new me statuses” and for some reason it really started to bug me for two reasons. The first being, no one actually wrote a new year new me status and secondly because, as corny and cliche as it is, I do believe that a new year is a chance to reflect and change your habits. It’s like a big kick up the arse as a year ends to look and think Was I really happy this past year? What can I do to improve and make the next year even better? It angered me that people were belittling other people making positive changed to their lives and I feel like that’s just wrong. 

So, I want to improve on my 2014, which might be a little tricky as I did have a really good year but there is always room for improvement. 
1. Become a blogger : I only started this blog a few days before christmas so I am a baby blog but I want to grow this year and create a space I’m proud of and can put my thoughts and feelings and obsessions in one place and hopefully meet people and help people along the way. You wouldn’t believe how many posts on Bloglovin’ that I’ve saved to encourage my blogging and help me improve. 
2. Become healthier : This post seems to becoming super cliche, but I do want to become healthier. I’m going to eat better and even do some exercise not to loose weight but to become fitter and feel better. 
3. Drink more water : This sort of links to number 2 but I know I don’t drink enough water, which is not just bad for my health but bad for my skin and just makes you feel a bit crap. I’m now carrying my Jack Wills water bottle everywhere with me to make sure I’m hydrated at all times
4. Stop buying things from Primark : Since moving to Manchester I’ve had the opportunity to go to Primark. Where as at home, the nearest one was 2 hours away and I had to take my mum with me, it is now 10 minutes away and I can go on my own. This has resulted in me wasting money on clothes I don’t even want! I’ve made some crazy stupid impulse buys, the majority of which I’m now selling on eBay because I don’t want them. I’ve now realised that if I save my money, I can buy the clothes I really want which are better quality. Don’t get me wrong, I still love primark but I really need to stop impulse buying because I’m wasting money I don’t really have 
5. Save money : This links to number 4 really. Now that I’m a student, every penny counts. Because my course has a lot of work, even in first year, I don’t have the time to get a job in term time. This means not wasting away my loan and when summer comes, saving the money I make from work. 
6. Take more photos : I love taking photos but I always feel a bit self conscious when taking them, especially when with friends but I need to man up and get over it and start taking photos because I’m 99% sure my friends won’t even be that bothered, nor will the strangers around if I’m taking photos either. If I want to do it, then I should, right? I feel like that’s a good mantra. Yes, that is what I’m going to do. 
So there some go the things I want to do in 2015…no doubt that a million more will come to be once I hit publish but these are the main things I want to achieve. We’ll see in 12 months time whether I was successful or not! 
Don’t forget to leave your resolutions in the comments below so we can all help each other try and stick at them! 
Katie xo

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