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30 October 2016

The Weekly Edit | #2

Happy Sunday - and happy hallows eve - everyone! 

The clocks have gone back, the temperature has dropped MAJORLY and autumn/winter seems to have seriously set in and I love it! As you're reading this, I am on my way up to the Isle of Mull up in Scotland and I am so excited to have some time of in one of the most beautiful places. I can't wait to get my camera out and take some photos which I'll be sharing with you when I'm back!

So, on with what went down this week...

  • I have become OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls. I've seen so many people raving about it on twitter so I finally started watching it on Netflix and I haven't stopped watching it. It's one of those programmes which you can have on in the background whilst you're doing work or watch intently with a cup of tea and cake. It's just so great!
  • I'm totally in university mode at the moment - I have what feels like a million deadlines before christmas and they all seem to have come out of nowhere! But it's all good as I think I'm in a sort of routine and I have a plan and hopefully it'll all work out. The key to having lots of deadlines is definitely have a plan!
  • I did my first Amicus event at university and it went so well. If you don't know, I'm a Student Representative for the legal charity Amicus who work with lawyers with clients on death row and we had our first event and we had a great turn out and everything went to plan which I was so grateful for! 
  • Last but definitely not least how can I do a weekly round up without talking about Bake Off!? I'm so so happy that Candice won, her showstopper was by far the best (I did love Jane and Andrew too!) she was just so inventive with the design of her bakes. I always wonder how they come up with those designs and how they actually make them out of food? Seriously, HOW DO THEY DO IT??? 

So that was my week! Let me know in the comments what your weeks highlights have been!


28 October 2016

Blogger's Who Are Killing It Right Now | #2

Recently I spoke about how I felt lost in the blogging world and one of the ways I got out of my blogging funk was to read lots of blogs. I thought I'd do another post featuring some of my favourite bloggers because a) I love spreading the blogging love and b) the last one I did seemed to go down a treat!

Sophie @ Sophie Rosie

Sophie has such a beautiful blog and instagram! I love her posts - they're full of positivity - and her photography is amazing! I get so excited when a new post goes up because they're so heart warming and her fashion posts are AMAZING - this gal has got some serious style! 

Kayleigh @ Very Berry Cosmo

Kayleigh is seriously killing it right now with her blog! It's recently just turned 2 and this girl is going far. She does amazing blogs and vlogs on mental health and her life with OCD as well as some great lifestyle posts and she's also a Boux Avenue Ambassador and I love the posts she does on them! She seems like such a lovely lady and I can't wait to see what she's going to do next!

Sophie @ Petals of Perfection

Sophie is another blogger who is doing amazing at the moment! I love her beauty posts and videos and her recent post on Misconceptions of Uni was so good! Everytime I read Sophie's posts I feel like I can totally relate to what she's saying and I love speaking to her over twitter because she's so lovely! 

Hayleigh @ HayleighJM

I've been reading Hayleigh's blog for a few months now and I love her writing style. She writes really original thoughtful content and her photography and sense of style are amazing. Also, you have to check out her instagram because it is seriously good and is instagram goals! 

Vix @ Vix Meldrew

Vix's blog has me in absolute stitches sometimes - she's so funny and I absolutely love her writing style! Vix's dating blog is the perfect mix of funny anecdotes and practical advice and I am such a fan. She's going from strength to strength with her blog and I genuinely cannot wait to see what she's going to do next!

Let me know in the comments which bloggers you are loving at the moment! 


26 October 2016

Walking on the Wild Side with Woden

Before we get into this post, how cool are these trainers which the lovely people from Woden sent me? I'm definitely walking on the wild side with these bad boys

I feel like recently I've being feeling a lot more confident and a tiny bit more 'out there' with my fashion choices - I've not completely change my style but I'm definitely trying new cuts and more some different prints and colours. 

"Surround yourself with positive people who are going to push you towards greatness "
I feel like part of my confidence has definitely come from being surrounded by great people at uni and my willingness to try new outfits has definitely come from my flatmates (who are both fashion students which explains a lot!). I feel like this year I'm in a much more positive mind state and I really like it!

These shoes from Woden are up there with the best shoes I've ever had. I'm a self confessed trainer addict and these babies are something I wouldn't normally wear but boy oh boy I'm so obsessed with wearing them! They're super soft and even though they look like they should be pretty uncomfy because of the wooden look the inside have they feel so comfy. My favourite thing about these shoes though is how they jazz up any outfit!

Talk to you soon!
Katie May

These  trainers were a gift however all opinions are my own

23 October 2016

#1 | The Weekly Edit

I've decided to start a new Sunday feature to document what I've done in a week - whether it be where I've gone, what I've done or how I feel. I thought it would be a really nice way of looking back at what I've done and I thought it would be a great way to keep you guys up to date with what I've been up to!

21 October 2016

Feeling Lost in the Blogging World

Long time no speak dear reader. I never meant to take a two week break but it happened. It's not like I haven't tried to write a post - there's about 10 draft posts saved away and not finished - but I've felt very deflated and uninspired. Every time I've gone to write, it doesn't feel right and I don't know why. I kept asking who would read it and thinking no one would find it interesting and got myself into quite the negative blog writing cycle AND I HATED IT!

This brings me on to my next and biggest point. I feel lost in the blogging world. I keep seeing the chats and just not taking part. I keep reading blog posts and wondering why I can't seem to write anything worth while. Everytime I block took photos, I wasn't happy and I can't tell you the amount of youtube videos which I've filmed and are never going to see the light of day because they're just awful!

The problem was I started to see blogging as a chore, which it never has before. I kept worrying and beating myself up about the fact I hadn't scheduled tweets or done Facebook promotion and blogging was no longer fun!

So I took a break. I stopped beating myself up about not posting and got into a routine with my uni work so when the time came, I'd have the time to sit down and blog if I wanted to.

Taking a break, albeit a short one, I now feel so inspired to blog again! I've got post ideas and photo ideas and I'm ready to re-enter the blogosphere! I've read so many new amazing blogs over my little break, met some really cool bloggers and seen some of my lovely blogging friends doing better than ever and it's really inspired me to get back at it!

So from next week normal service will resume with new posts Monday and Wednesday with a new feature on Sunday's which I hope you'll all like!

3 October 2016

My First Concert Experience With A Stoma

The other week I went to see McFly and this was my first time going to a concert since getting my stoma a year and a half ago. I was a little apprehensive, the venue was small and standing only, however it's my favourite band and the first time they've toured in about 4 years so there was no way I was missing it.

Overall, my experience was great and no different to going to a concert without a stoma really. I didn't use the toilets at the venue, mainly because I didn't want to loose my place, so when my bag did blow up a bit on the second night I was a little bit nervous and worried about a leak however, I wore a comfizz waistband which kept everything in place and secure and the baggy tee that I had tucked in became untucked so you really couldn't see the bag at all!

My biggest concern was going to be people bumping into me and my bag getting knocked. The second night of the concert, this girl in front of me had a backpack on and did keeping bumping me a bit and very near my bag but it was okay! I put my hand over my bag and moved away from her a bit (we luckily had a bit of space around us) and most importantly, I didn't let it ruin my night!

Let me know in the comments below your tips for going to concerts with a stoma and let me know your concert experiences!

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