July 2016 | KTMY

29 July 2016

TRAVEL | A day in Port Soller

Port Soller is a beautiful coastal area on the north west of Mallorca and it really reminds me of the south of France. There are some of the best tapas bars on the front as well as some stunning views. My favourite part about Port Soller thought is the old fashioned wooden trams which run to the town of Soller and back again; they're just so beautifully designed and give such an oldy worldy feel about the place!

Port Soller is about a two hour bus journey from Puerto Pollenca but it is so worth the journey because it's such a stunning place and has a different vibe from Pollenca. The drive there is equally stunning (and terrifying!) with winding roads through the mountains. 

It's also possible to do boat rides around the island which we are still yet to do as I'm sure you'd get some fantastic views! I love all the different types of boats which they have in the marina! And, you know, they're great to pose in front of too - queue embarrassing photo of me!

So there's a little photo diary from Port Soller! You can see my other photo diaries from this trip here and let me know in the comments where you'd like to travel to next! 


28 July 2016

Introducing Comfizz | July Ostomy Outfit Of The Month

For this months outfit, I thought I would do a gym wear outfit and introduce you to an amazing brand which specialises in ostomy support garments, Comfizz.

As soon as I tried on the vest, I couldn't believe how well it supported my stoma; it's specially designed to do this and has a ribbed effect so you really do feel well supported, which I find makes me a lot more comfortable when doing exercise. It also make you less likely to get a hernia, which you are more at risk of after abdominal surgery.

Since getting my stoma, I've been wary of wearing anything really tight as I was worried about restricting the flow of my stoma but as this is specifically designed for ostomates, it actually improves the adhesive of your bag and reduces your chance of leaks which, as anyone with a stoma knows, can be a real worry!

I go to a ballet fit session every Saturday morning and I always find my bag blows up during the class, purely because I haven't eaten beforehand or only had something small however I really noticed that this didn't happen when I had the vest on and I didn't get that dragging feel when your bag is getting fuller; I felt a lot more supported and I think it's the most comfortable I've felt doing exercise.

Because of the long length of the vest, it really does support the whole bag and is great if your stoma is higher up and not as supported by underwear.

What's great about these vests is that you can wear them on their own, like I did on Saturday, or you can wear them underneath your clothes so you're supported all day and because they're seam free, you can't tell you're wearing them!

There's a real ranged of colours too; black, white, pink and teal. I've got the pink one (which is perfect for going to the gym and classes!) and a black one (more to wear underneath clothes) and I've got the M/L size.

They are available on prescription in the UK (fill the form out here) or you can buy them on the website here!

A big thank you to Diana at Eden Healthy Lifestyle Studio for letting me take some pictures in the studio! If you live in the Eden area and interested in keeping fit and healthy, you can get a class timetable and find out more on their website and Facebook page!

This item was gifted to me by Comfizz.
Read my full disclaimer here.

The ostomy section of KTMY is sponsored by CliniMed & SecuriCare


27 July 2016

BOOK | Get Rich Vlogging

The world of vlogging really intrigues me. I'm an avid viewer of YouTube and I'm in the process of staring my own channel  to run aside my blog so when I saw the book Get Rich Vlogging, it's safe to say I was already hooked.

26 July 2016

TRAVEL | A day in Palma

Palma is one of my favourite cities. It has such a beautiful old town and the cathedral is absolutely stunning, and has a great view of the sea too! We've been to Palma a lot and it was so hot when we were there - it got to something crazy like 35 degrees - we actually didn't do that many touristy things, like going to the modern art gallery (which is amazing!) or on any tours. However we did go to the Cathedral and walked past the Parliament as well as having a cheeky little shop in Sephora and the Mango outlet!  So I thought I'd share with you a little photo diary of our day in Palma!

25 July 2016

TRAVEL | Puerto Pollenca, Mallorca

If you haven't noticed on all my social media (soz for the holiday spam!), I've been away in Puerto Pollenca in Mallorca and just got back at the end of the week and I already have some major post holiday blues.
Puerto Pollenca is one of my favourite places in the world. We first came when I was just under a year old and I learnt to walk here and we've been coming on and off ever since! It's been four years since we were last here and I was so pleased to go back; it's such a beautiful place which is timeless. I thought that it might have changed and become ultra modern and commercialised over the four years we haven't been but it is almost exactly the same, with some cool new bars and restaurants mixed in with your typical old style spanish tapas bars. I've put together a little photo diary from Port Pollenca, to show you some of my favourite places! Stay tuned over the next few weeks because I'm going to be doing more posts on different places I went to in the ten days we were there.

13 July 2016

Skincare Haul

Is it just me who finds that as soon as summer comes, skincare suddenly rockets to the top of my beauty woes and I start buying all the skincare to try and retain tans and keep my skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated! Here are some of my recent finds so I thought I'd share with you what I thought of them all and first impressions and all that!

11 July 2016

Music Monday | Currently Listening To

I thought I'd create a new segment on my blog, which I used to have on my old blog long before KTMY, called Music Monday (original, I know!) in the hope that it will encourage me to start listening to more new music. Back at school, I was constantly listening to new music and being influenced by my friends but recently I've been in a rut and listening to the same old things! So before I start on my adventure of listening to new music, I thought I'd show you what I'm currently loving listening too!

8 July 2016

What's In My Bag : Blogger Event Edition

Blogger events are definitely one of my favourite things about blogging; it's so great to be in a room with lots of like minded bloggers! The most recent event I went to was the Bloggers Ball and I think I've finally got the essentials of what you need when you go to an event because I felt pretty damn sassy and prepared when I got to the event and had all the business cards to hand! So here's what's in my bag for blogger events!

6 July 2016

Meeting with my surgeon : One year on

Last week I went to see my surgeon for my one year check up and to make a decision on what I want to do next; j pouch or permanent stoma. I put a lot of thought into what I was going to choose cause, ya know, it's a pretty big deal!

I got to use this meeting to ask questions and boy did I have a lot! Top tip for these kind of things, write down all your questions before you get there then you don't have to worry about what you forgot to ask because I always end up forgetting to ask thinks!

I've decided to make my stoma permanent. I've always been pretty set on making my stoma permanent as I've read a lot different articles on the pouches and they just don't really appeal to me. I'm actually going to do a whole post on why I chose a stoma over a pouch as I know that some people might not understand why I chose to keep my stoma; I know that I had to convince a few people of the choice (though my parents and my surgeon totally agreed with me).

One of the big things that happened in this meeting is I got to (sort of) set a date for my next surgery which is both exciting and terrifying! The plan is for it to be next June (the exact date is yet to be set because the diary isn't open for next year at the moment) once I've finished third year so I have the summer to recover before I go back to uni to do my LPC.

So there's a little update for you all! I'm really please that I've finally got a plan in place and that I'll soon be rid of my mucus fiscula!
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