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30 March 2016

5 ways to get get rid of a cold quickly

As I write this I am currently on day 5 of my cold and it's almost gone, thank god. I still have a pack of tissues within reaching distance however I can now function normally and can actually taste things and breathe when I sleep which is always a good thing. Because my immune system isn't that great, I am never that far away from catching a cold and I feel like I've become pretty good at fighting these things off pretty quick.


28 March 2016

Spring Skincare Routine

About a year ago, I shared with you my nighttime skincare routine and seeing as you all liked it so much I thought I'd give you an updated post on some of the products I'm using at the moment. I feel like I go through phases with skincare; sometimes I'm really on top of it and sometimes I'm lacking however I feel like I'm doing pretty well at the moment and my skin is looking all the better for it; mind you, that'll probably change because of the amount of chocolate I ate yesterday, today and most likely the rest of the week! Damn you easter (jokes, I love chocolate!).

25 March 2016

Currently. | 001

I've decided that Currently is going to be a new series of posts (not sure whether it'll be weekly, bi weekly or even less frequent!) where I collate together a load things I've been loving lately; TV, books, blogs, products, music if I've been liking it, it will be in this post! It's the type of post I love reading (one of my favourites being Emmie and Carpe Diem Emmie who has a Five Things feature) and I thought it would be a nice little post to do of favourites and whatnot! So, on with my recent favourites...

23 March 2016

MARCH : Ostomy Outfit of the Month

Firstly apologies for it being such a long time since the last ostomy outfit post! But we're back and I feel that this months outfit has definitely been inspired by the sunny weekend we've just had and is a lot more spring/summer than some of my other outfits in the series. 

21 March 2016

First Day of Spring Walks

If you had missed it all over the internet, yesterday was the first day of spring and boy did we have some good weather! As we live so close to The Lake District (20 minutes!) me, my parents and Arthur headed over to Glenridding as we hadn't been since the floods and it's so beautiful there we thought we'd go have a walk and some lunch.

14 March 2016

Words By The Water : Ben Miller & Linda Blair

This weekend was the last weekend of Words by the Water at Theatre by the Lake. Words by the Water is an annual literary festival with novelists, poets, philosophers and scientists talking just to name a few! Seeing as I live so close, I knew I had to go and see a few things and two which caught my eye was Ben Miller talking about Life Beyond Earth and Linda Blair who was talking about How to Streamline.

9 March 2016

PLACES // Cosy Club, Manchester

The other week I went to the Cosy Club in the Corn Exchange in Manchester for lunch with some friends. It was the first time I'd ever been and I actually really enjoyed the food and the decor inside was fab. The picture above was taken from inside the Corn Exchange looking up at the Cosy Club! It was actually really cool inside the CE because it was set up as a little garden and it seriously felt like you were on holiday sitting in there! Now on with the review...

7 March 2016

Oxfam Bloggers Against Poverty : Sewing in the Democratic Republic of Congo

When Oxfam got in touch with me if I wanted to do be involved with Oxfam Bloggers Against Poverty I was really excited to get involved and raise awareness of just some of the issues facing the world which Oxfam are responding to. 

4 March 2016

Getting an Iron Infusion

If you read my health update post you'll have seen that I was anaemic and waiting to get an iron transfusion. Well, last Friday I headed to the hospital and had a top up of iron and I'm pretty sure that I'm already feeling the benefits of it and nowhere near as breathless and tired.

If you don't know what an iron infusion is, they basically put you on a drip. First you have a saline drip to make sure the cannula is in properly and the veins open, then you have an iron drip and then another saline one to flush all the iron and make sure you get your full dose.

I always think it feels so funny when you have any type of drip or medicine put in you cannula; it's so cold and feels bizzar! It doesn't hurt though, so if you have to go for one, don't panic about that! The plus side of having these infusions is that it's only a 15 minute drip so it's not much hassle either!


2 March 2016

February In Photos

  • I had a lovely weekend where I went to lots of new places in Manchester
  • I did my first review for North West End!
  • Spending time with friends at the pub is always a fun night
  • This amazing sunset was one of many this month
  • Had a brilliant two days with my brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew 
  • I bought the Lean in 15 cook book and I've been trying some gorgeous recipes 
  • I had a lovely lunch at the Cosy Club in the Corn Exchange; this huge cub sandwich definitely beat me!
  • I have been loving the L'Oreal Infallible Matte and Sculpt range
  • I finished the month by going to Judy's Vintage Fashion Fair
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