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8 January 2016

My Base Essentials

Today I treated myself to the new look Real Techniques Core Collection as I'd managed to wreck my foundation brush by not cleaning it properly (I am now very aware of how, and how not to, clean them) and after taking a flatlay for instagram (a must, is it not!) I thought I'd share with you what my essentials for the base of my makeup.

I'm so impressed with No7's foundation...I was looking for a new foundation a few months back and decided to get colour matched and voila! I found the best foundation I've ever used. It has good coverage which you can build nicely and it stays well too! I also like how I can get myself colour matched every few months so I won't have to go around with mismatched foundation!

I actually talked about the L'Oreal concealer a year ago in the my current face post and I'm still using it a year on because I love it so much. It's a  lovely creamy formula which covers dark circles well and also highlights as well. I got the shade N3 which is vanilla and it actually complements the foundation well.

I've been using the Burjois loose powder. I'm not going to lie, I did buy this because I loved the packaging however I don't think I'll be buying a loose powder again though because it can be quite messy and it's just not as practical as a compressed powder.

Now the Bronzer. I love the Hoola bronzer because it doesn't leave you looking like a tangerine! It works really well for contouring as well. I also use Benefits High Beam which I forgot to add to the picture but I've been really impressed with it because it highlights really well! It's a lovely creamy liquid which has great staying powder.

Now, a final shoutout to the new brushes I bought today. I haven't used the ones I've just bought but I've had the core collection before and I don't know who doesn't love the real technique brushes?! They're so soft and I'm in love with the new case which is white leather long will it be till thats covered in foundation?!

Let me know in the comments below what your base essentials and make up essentials in general are!



  1. defo want to get the hoola bronzer soon :) nice post x


    1. It's definitely worth it!! It's the best bronzer I've ever used


  2. I've had compressed and loose powder, and compressed is soo much tidier!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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