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25 January 2016

How to make your uni room more homely*

Generic uni rooms are pretty shit, I'm not going to lie. However, there are plenty of ways to make them look better and more homy. From bedding to lighting, I'm going to show you some of the ways that I like to make my uni room a little (actually a lot) more comfy and cosy.


You spend a lot of time at uni in bed; whether it's sleeping, watching films or hiding away from the real world. More likely than not, your bed will take up the majority of your room so it's important to make your bed as comfy as possible. I'm obsessed with bedding and always on the hunt for some new bedding!

Here's a wishlist of some of the bedding I'm wanting at the moment. These are from Yorkshire Linen and the bottom three are from their embellished range.

Bring a cuddly toy

Even though I'm 19 I still have my teddies,  my main one being Doggie who has been with me since my first christmas. Don't be ashamed of taking your teddies to uni because nearly everyone I know brought some with them too! It's good to have familiar things which smell of home and make everything feel cosy and homely.

Desk Space

At the end of the day, you are at uni to get a degree so it's important to make your desk space super comfy/convinient and instagram worthy as if you're anything like me you'll procrastinate by taking photos! I have to say, my printer has been a god send and I really do recommend getting one as it saves a lot of hassle.


Be that person who brings a plant to uni. It just gives your room more life; they do call them house plants for a reason! They make the room more homely and I'm certain I read somewhere that if you have plants around they can improve your mental health a bit too; I think it has something to do with mindfulness. Anyways, I love have a plant around!

Linked with the plants is having a zen garden. I got one for christmas and it just gave a whole new positive energy in the room. I know, it's very cliche to have a buddha, but I honestly love it!

Bring some of your books, but not an entire library! 

I've brought a few books I haven't read yet to uni, even though I've got my kindle as sometimes you just want to curl up with a real book. Plus it makes your bookshelf looks really nice and not just filled with textbooks!

Fairy lights

A uni room is not complete unless you have fairy lights. I love having them as they add some nice, softer lighting compares to the harsh main lights.

Bring pictures from home & create a postcard wall

I honestly love creating postcard walls and this year I've mixed my postcards with photos from home too. It makes a room a lot more homely if you've got photos of friends and family and also adds a lot of colour to your walls too.

Get cute storage

I have a french theme going on with my storage, and I got matching boxes, baskets and washing basket from B&M and use one as a bedside table too. It just helps you keep your things more organised and gives a theme to your room too whether it be french like me, or if you go for a colour.

Let me know in the comments below your tips for making your room feel more homely!

*This post was in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen. Read my whole disclaimer here

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