March 2015 | KTMY

18 March 2015

11/52 | I've got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match

"I've got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match" | What a Catch, Donnie by  Fall Out Boy
This week I've started to move out of wearing jeans all the time and invested in some patterned trousers and jogger style trousers. They're literally the most comfortable things and they can be dressed up or down. The ones pictured above are from Boohoo and I love them; I wore them two ways yesterday which was with a white tee and black cardigan and then black ballet pumps in the day and some black heeled ankle boots at night.

Have a great week!

Katie xo

13 March 2015

10 TV shows you will have watched growing up in the '00s

I love reading nostalgic filled posts so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and do a TV themed lists. Is it just me or does kids TV just not look as good as it used to anymore?


11 March 2015

10/52 | Then she attacks me like a leo

"Then she attacks me like a leo" | I belong to you [+ Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix] by Muse
I had to share with you all the amazing little mug I bought from Sainsbury's yesterday. It's in aid of Comic Relief (which is this Friday btw) and only cost £3 and I thought it was so unbelievably cute that I had to buy it (and guilt free buying because it's for charity!)

I also had my first ever experience of going to the Apple Genius Bar which is the bizzariest but equally great service I've ever used. It's like going to the doctors but for your iPhone. The service there was great though and I learnt so much about my iPhone battery in the 20 minutes I was there. Shout out to Chris for being so helpful!

Finally, and probably the most exciting for me this week, I started my driving lessons! I've literally just come from my first lesson and absolutely loved it so fingers crossed I'll be driving around in no time. No lie, I was terrified before going but it wasn't quite as scary. I'll keep you all updated on how it goes though.

I hope you've all had a good week!

Katie xo

9 March 2015

The Nokia Lumia 735*

A few weeks ago I was emailed by Microsoft asking if I wanted to trail one of their Nokia Lumia phones. I jumped at the chance as I had thought about getting one instead on an iPhone and was curious as to what they were like in comparison to my beloved iPhone and whether I'll jump the Apple ship when it comes to getting a new phone.


6 March 2015

Postcard Wall

I love having colour on my walls however at uni I obviously don't have the option of painting a feature wall so I just have a blank canvas of a white wall; which can be a blessing and a curse. Recently, I had the idea of using postcards to create a feature wall on one of my walls and I'm actually loving how it's coming together!


4 March 2015

9/52 | Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart

"Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart" | Friday, I'm In Love by The Cure

This week I've had a bit of an 80's vibe going on in my music taste. It all started on Sunday when me and my flatmate were making pancakes and listening to Faith by George Michael, like you do, and I found the amazing thing which is the 80's radio on Spotify. I swear I know more of the songs on that radio than any of the others, especially the 90's which has the most random collection of songs which I've never heard of.

This 80's vibe as accompanied my train journey from and to Manchester and I took this weeks photo today as I waited for my train to go back to uni.

Hope you've all had a good week

Katie xo 

2 March 2015

Can't Stop Listening To #1

It's no secret how much I love music and it's not rare for you to see me with my earphones in and my head bopping to a random collection of songs. I thought I'd share with you some of my recent favourites which include a lot of 80's music and McBusted, I'm not going to lie!

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