Feeling Lost in the Blogging World

Long time no speak dear reader. I never meant to take a two week break but it happened. It's not like I haven't tried to write a post - there's about 10 draft posts saved away and not finished - but I've felt very deflated and uninspired. Every time I've gone to write, it doesn't feel right and I don't know why. I kept asking who would read it and thinking no one would find it interesting and got myself into quite the negative blog writing cycle AND I HATED IT!

This brings me on to my next and biggest point. I feel lost in the blogging world. I keep seeing the chats and just not taking part. I keep reading blog posts and wondering why I can't seem to write anything worth while. Everytime I block took photos, I wasn't happy and I can't tell you the amount of youtube videos which I've filmed and are never going to see the light of day because they're just awful!

The problem was I started to see blogging as a chore, which it never has before. I kept worrying and beating myself up about the fact I hadn't scheduled tweets or done Facebook promotion and blogging was no longer fun!

So I took a break. I stopped beating myself up about not posting and got into a routine with my uni work so when the time came, I'd have the time to sit down and blog if I wanted to.

Taking a break, albeit a short one, I now feel so inspired to blog again! I've got post ideas and photo ideas and I'm ready to re-enter the blogosphere! I've read so many new amazing blogs over my little break, met some really cool bloggers and seen some of my lovely blogging friends doing better than ever and it's really inspired me to get back at it!

So from next week normal service will resume with new posts Monday and Wednesday with a new feature on Sunday's which I hope you'll all like!


My First Concert Experience With A Stoma

The other week I went to see McFly and this was my first time going to a concert since getting my stoma a year and a half ago. I was a little apprehensive, the venue was small and standing only, however it's my favourite band and the first time they've toured in about 4 years so there was no way I was missing it.

Overall, my experience was great and no different to going to a concert without a stoma really. I didn't use the toilets at the venue, mainly because I didn't want to loose my place, so when my bag did blow up a bit on the second night I was a little bit nervous and worried about a leak however, I wore a comfizz waistband which kept everything in place and secure and the baggy tee that I had tucked in became untucked so you really couldn't see the bag at all!

My biggest concern was going to be people bumping into me and my bag getting knocked. The second night of the concert, this girl in front of me had a backpack on and did keeping bumping me a bit and very near my bag but it was okay! I put my hand over my bag and moved away from her a bit (we luckily had a bit of space around us) and most importantly, I didn't let it ruin my night!

Let me know in the comments below your tips for going to concerts with a stoma and let me know your concert experiences!



#StomaChat | Ostomy & IBD Q&A

If you don't know, I recently started a YouTube channel (please go and subscribe!!) and I have a monthly series called #stomachat where I talk all things stomas. This month, I've filmed an ostomy and IBD related Q&A where I answered some of your questions. I really enjoyed doing it and some of the questions were really interesting and I'm going to be doing some more in depth blog posts and videos on them soon!

I hope you all enjoyed the video! Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this and feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below because I would love to hear your opinions on some of the questions raised!


McFly Anthology Tour

This post is a long time coming, I know, but two weeks ago I went to see McFly play Manchester Academy and it was the greatest thing in the world and the best two McFly concerts I've ever been to.  McFly have been my favourite band since I was six years old and it's been about 4 years since I saw them as McFly (yeah, I saw them as McBusted twice BUT IT WAS NOT THE SAME OKAY) and excited doesn't even cover what I was feeling for those concerts.

I went to see the first and second nights and saw them play Room On The Third Floor, Wonderland and Motion In The Ocean and it was so great to see them play songs which I'd never seen live and finally get to see my favourite songs being played up on stage.

The venue was Manchester Academy which, if you don't know, is a really small venue so it was amazing to see them in such an intimate setting rather than arenas and the Apollo where I normally end up watching the screen rather than the band because I can't see that well. Not this time - the first night we were about half way back and the second night we were not too far from the front and it was amazing. The atmosphere was buzzing and it's always a great feeling to know that everyone in that room has the same passion for a band that you do.

It was great to see the boys back as McFly and I cannot wait to hear their new album when it comes out!

Let me know in the comments whether you went to see McFly on the Anthology Tour and what your favourite McFly song is!


Autumn Netflix Picks

This summer I fell out of love with boxsets - I don't know how that happened or why - and I abandoned Netflix apart from my weekly does of Pretty Little Liars. However, autumn has come and I went back to uni and I have fallen back in love with Netflix and it is now constantly on. I thought I would share with you 4 boxsets which I am (or have finished!) binging on right now!
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