Autumn Netflix Picks

This summer I fell out of love with boxsets - I don't know how that happened or why - and I abandoned Netflix apart from my weekly does of Pretty Little Liars. However, autumn has come and I went back to uni and I have fallen back in love with Netflix and it is now constantly on. I thought I would share with you 4 boxsets which I am (or have finished!) binging on right now!


My First MRI Scan

On Wednesday I had my first ever MRI scan and I thought I would document it as it was another milestone in finding out what's wrong with my joints. I've been struggling with my joints for a little over a year now (you can read about that here) and I did try physiotherapy however I got told that I needed to go see a rheumatologist as my symptoms sounded a lot like arthritis. Fast forward a month and I saw a rheumatologist who sent me to get an MRI scan so they could look at my spine and see what was happening with my bones.

Let's start with the fact that I hate small spaces. I have claustrophobia and suffer from panic attacks so I was pretty nervous from the offset. I had my MRI in a mobile MRI scanner (basically a MRI in the back of a lorry) and my mum wasn't allowed to come with me into the lorry thing which made me even more nervous!

I had to lie flat on my back and had a plate thing put on top of my chest which allowed them to see my bones easier. I was also given a buzzer thing which I could press if I started to feel un well or just really didn't like it. The radiographer knew I was nervous so he gave me a test run of going inside the scanner fir a few moments to experience it. I HATED it. I asked to come out almost straight away and then proceeded to shed a few tears to which I was told that it happens a lot! I had another go and this time it wasn't as bad but it still wasn't as nice. I then was allowed to test the buzzer which made me feel a lot better!

I was given headphones and listened to the radio whilst I was in the scanner which was a definite life saver - I don't think I would have managed without them. In a weird way, I found it easier with my eyes open, which surprised me as I thought if I had my eyes closed I'd be able to forget about the small space but it actually made me feel even more claustrophobic! The machine was really noisy but I managed the whole hour in there which amazed me! I genuinely thought about pressing that buzzer probably every five minutes but I didn't because I knew I needed the scan to find out what's wrong so I stuck it out.

If you have an MRI scan coming up, try not to panic too much (waaaay easier said than done!) Yes, it's not nice and yes it's scary but you will get though it! Reminding myself that it would benefit me having it helped and I think the longest they do is an hour which, in the grand scheme of life, isn't that long (even if it does feel like a lifetime and the time!). Let me know in the comments below if you've had an MRI and how you cope with it!


These Boots Are Made For Walking with 4th and Reckless

Black ankle boots have to be one of my favourite types of shoes and now that autumn is just about here (apart from those scorcher days!) it means that I can wear them all the time. My favourite thing about black ankle boots is how versatile they are; you can wear them day and night, dressy or casual and they always look good.


How to Survive a Night Flight

We've all been there, save some money by getting that 4am flight home. You tell yourself that it'll be okay but as the holiday comes closer, you suddenly start regretting that decision especially when you realise that you have to be out of you're hotel room by 12pm. If you have one of these flights coming up, or are thinking about choosing the night flight option, here are some of my tips to make it a little more bearable!


How I Stopped My Stoma Bag Ballooning When Swimming with Comfizz

One of the biggest problems I have with my stoma bag is when I go swimming, it can blow up pretty quickly and you end up having to get out of the pool to empty the air out quite a lot so you don't have a balloon on your belly. When we booked our holiday to Lindos we decided that we'd spend a day at the waterpark so I headed to the ostomy support group pages on Facebook to ask whether anyone had any tips to stop the bag blowing up, but they didn't. I then found out about the Comfizz Waistband's which you can wear swimming and they have revolutionised how I go swimming!
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