What to expect on your first day of university

So it's your first day and most likely your first lecture/welcome thing is at 9am Monday morning. You have no clue where you're going and you know no one and it's fair to say you're possibly feeling like you're having an existential crisis. Stop right there; don't panic because everyone is feeling the exact same way.


Studying with a Stoma

University can be hard. Add into it a chronic, long term illness and a stoma then sometimes it can feel impossible. But it's not, I promise.  Last year, I wrote a post on going to uni with a chronic illness and it was really popular so I thought I would do a similar post focusing more on stomas and the trails and tribulations which come with been a student with a stoma and how to combat them!



What to take (and what not to take) to University

I am one of those people who thinks I need to take everything with me to university to find myself with an over cluttered room and unpacked boxes which stay under my bed for the whole year - true story. It's very easy to get sucked into the thinking that you need to take every worldly possession with you because how can you not live with it! So I thought I would give you my packing list, of which I too will be sticking to this year!


How To Survive Fresher's Week

How To Survive Fresher's Week

So you've got into university so the next thing to think about, Freshers Week. In case you have no clue what freshers week is, it's the first week (often fortnight) of university where there's lots of events going on, some ran by the university and some not, which help you get to know the place where you're at and meet lots of new people! So here are some tips to make the most of your freshers week!


August Glossybox Unboxing

Subscription boxes are always exciting and add a little something different to your normal mail. I recently started my Glossybox subscription box because, who doesn't love getting sent skincare and make up each month eh?!
 At the beginning of the week, I did an unboxing on my Youtube channel (yeah, I started a YT Channel!!) and today I'm going to do a first impressions kind of post and go a little bit more in depth for you as well as give you a code so you can get a free gift!

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